Angelia Dime is accused of flirting with Chuck Potst

Angela Dim allegedly flirted with Chuck Potst. Peak Credit: TLC

We just got some juicy gossip about Angela Dem and her 90 day fianc: Ever After Happiness? Tell it all, and it really gave us a side eye to him.

Apparently, he was caught flirting with Chuck Pothost – the father of cast member Elizabeth “Libby” Pothost.

Isn’t that shocking?

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If we find out about the 90-day fiance Almam, he is very jealous.

We have seen the turbulent relationship between him and his fiance, Michael Lolesanmi play this season.

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We have seen him fly off the handle several times during innocent conversations with Michael and other women.

In fact, during the last episode, the hot-tempered Americans flew into violent rage during their joint bachelor / bachelor party.

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The incident took place in Nigeria where the couple was preparing for marriage.

Two days before the event they visited a strip club to celebrate their upcoming wedding.

However, things turned out very badly when Angela accused Michael of looking at the stripper.

He came out of the club and threatened to end their marriage.

Yet now we hear that he is flirting with someone else, say no!

Was Angela Dim flirting with Chuck Potthast?

During an episode of The Fordcast Podcast, the three hosts had some tea on the reality TV list.

They’re spreading tea in a 90-day engagement: Say all 90 days ago, which was tapped two weeks ago.

And they shared eye-popping rumors about what comes down to saying everything between Angela and Chuck Potthast.

“The rumor is that Angela was hitting Chuck,” one of the hosts shared.

“Like a physical injury?” Another host asked, “Because I know because he says he’s known for it when he’s lazy.”

“No, no, no, no flirting,” was the response from the host who shared the news. “Reassure me, she was flirting with Chalk.”

Where was Michael all this time?

Since the three podcasters discussed that they believe the 54-year-old actually flirted with the Libyan father, one of them made a very good statement.

“I don’t think Angela would leave it for a second if Michael was flirting with Chuck,” Agent C noted.

Angela had a hilarious scene of what would happen if she saw another woman flirting with her fianc.

“If someone was flirting with Michael, like a woman flirting with Michael. Angela will be the first person to successfully travel through cyberspace, jump off their screens and come out of them. “

They further stated that Michael was not present there all the time when the allegation incident took place.

Do you believe that Angela actually flirted with Chuck?

90 Day Engagement: Ever After Happiness? The TLC aired on Sunday at 8 / 7c.

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