Angela Dame recalls Michael’s tedious visa struggle awaiting 2021

90-day fianc তারকাes Angela Dim and Michael Ilesanmi have been waiting for K-1 visas for three years now. Peak Credit: @Dimangella / Instagram

Veteran Angela Dim, a 90-day-old fianc, is missing her husband, Michael Ilesanmi. To put it bluntly, the TLC star is excited about their long and tiring K-1 visa journey.

It’s no secret that Angela has been trying to bring Michael to America for a long time. But despite their efforts, much-needed visas remain elusive. Will Michael get America this year? Or do they have to wait longer?

90-Day Fianc: Angela Dim Looks Back to Michael Elsenmeer’s K-1 Visa Travel

Looks like his far-flung wedding took Angela Dim on holiday. 90-Day Engagement: After Happiness, Elom misses his wife, Michael Ilesanmi, a bit extra lately. The two are currently living separately and it does not look like they will reunite anytime soon.

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Recently, Angela shared a throwback video of herself with Michael when they applied for a fianc ভ visa. In the clip around, the couple seemed eager to get approval to start living together in America.

Angela Dim, the 90-day-old fiance, couldn’t believe it had already waited three years and no progress had been made yet. However, after so many things, this couple is not giving up.

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Will Michael come to America soon?

For years, Michael Ilesanmi has been working hard to get a visa and will be staying with Angela Eggs in the United States. And it looks like the game will only get longer than the 90-day engagement star.

In the ongoing epidemic, issues are certainly more challenging for visa-based Angela and Michael. Immigration services in the country have been temporarily suspended due to COVID19.

Add to this the government’s extended travel ban in six countries, including Nigeria. Although it is not yet clear whether the 90-day fianc তারকা will even get a chance to set foot in America.

90-day fianc তারকা star Angela is optimistic about 2021

Meanwhile, Angela Dim is 90 to say goodbye to 2020

In another post, Angela spreads some good vibes to wish her followers a Happy New Year. Michael Ilesanmi’s wife is confident that 2021 is going to be the “best year” for all. Fans quickly echoed his positive echo, with some wishing him and Michael the best of luck for their visa trip.

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