Android Auto Wireless Dongle may arrive in December

Android Auto makes it even easier to control apps and media while not necessarily protected while driving. However, there is a bit of friction in setting up the system in the case of the original connection. Most cars only use Android Auto to run, but an ambitious project plans to bring the wireless version of Google’s platform to your current car using just a dingle.

Simply named “AA Wireless” dongle is a cute little device that plugs into your car’s USB port that already has Android Auto and enables a wireless connection to your smartphone. How?

Developer Emil Burconi (via XDA) has previously created an app called “Agatway” that can use a second Android smartphone to create a wireless version of Android Auto in your car. It was a clever idea, but obviously it needed a completely second smartphone to limit it. With this new gadget, Borkoni is trying to work out that idea without a second smartphone, just custom-developed hardware that is connected to your car’s USB port.

Once used, this dongle will apparently take about 10 seconds to boot itself and will take approximately 30-40 seconds to connect to your phone and start running at your car show.

Working prototypes already exist and several vehicles are already being tested. We’ve seen products like this in Apple’s CarPlay, but nothing for Android Auto. At 55 55 (additional shipping costs) it’s also quite a reasonable expense.

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Of course, it doesn’t come without some caution. For one, this wrestling just can’t work in every single car because everyone is a little different. The larger potential roadblock though comes from the underlying risk of an Indigogo campaign where “AA Wireless” is currently financing. The target set for this campaign is set at 20 220,000 over the next 44 days.

If all goes well, the dongles should be sent back in December this year.

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