Analyze and predict 3 rounds of Stanley Cup playoffs

My prediction in the semifinals of the conference stood at a total of 3-for-4, because I took an “L” that a Colorado team chose to get in the end. Joel scattered the kiwi-ice during Game 7 overtime. The wounded, especially the nets, had no mercy on the AVS.

Combine that forecast record with 5-for-8 in the opening round and we’re still on the positive side of Khattar through the two rounds. Time to take the conference final.

From the Stanley Cup qualifiers to the Stanley Cup Final, SportsNet is now the livestream of every game in the Blackout-free 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs.

Tampa Bay Buzz vs. New York Islands

The hard part about this kind of practice is that we can’t help but be biased by recent events and even if Tampa doesn’t play for a while, Appearing in Isles ’Game 7 There was no clinical UFC fighter to submit to the opponent. It’s hard to call it a “fight” when there’s never been a chance of a stabbing in either side.

The Flyers were on the mat from the opening bell, their opponents were in control until all was kindly finished face Thomas Greece called it “the best defensive game I’ve ever seen a team play.” Even after Matthew Barzal became meaningless, Barry Trots said it was my “best game because I came here.” At no point did it seem like the Flyers could score, let alone win.

And so, how can you look at that archipelago and think that they won’t stop a game, well, no one, has included Tampa in a series of the best of the seven?

The 2018-19 Playoff Tampa Bay Lighting was eliminated by a Columbus Blue Jackets team in four straight games that also shattered their lives. They added a few ground and pound players in the intervening days, but again this year Columbus fought them hard before Tampa persevered (the only game in the series that didn’t decide a single goal, it was Columbus who took it).

Islanders makeup and style is something as awesome as Columbus, but even better.

Because of an important note I set up my commentary in this series with this frame, which should stand out as its own here.

Playing hockey teams are better, and I think it’s not too close.

Lightning should be the winner, and if luck is equal or goes in their favor, they must. Heck, the Boston Bruins are no different from style blue jackets with the same “but better” add-ons and they couldn’t stop this Tampa Bay Jaguar. But this whole role is a kind of uroboros, which you should take to the very top right now. I can’t shake what Iles Sref has done and no one is beating them like that except in a bloody battle.

In an instant.

Target: Andrei Vasilevsky is 991 seven in playoffs, Semyon Varlamov is one .921, Thomas Greece is .960 with three starts. There’s almost nothing to get involved with here, especially since we all have large-sized samples. However, in short, both teams are goalless. I would say that Tamper is the best guy (his “on” is as good as the “on” of any goal scorer in the world) but there are two guys on the islands who can play and play well. There is no blood here.

Question: Both teams were in the top ten against each game in the regular season (eighth and ninth) and are now second and third in the playoffs. Now, they handle this flood differently. The Bazkars are the top five teams to control shot effort in their games. The Islanders were third-loss to the Red Wings and Devils in the regular season there as they blocked only a ton of obstacles and pushed a ton wide as they were in the shooting lane.

Crime: From what we know from the above, the balance of drama is safe to say that this series of Islanders is coming to an end. Tampa is going to be a matter of finding a way not just to be there, but to actually score. They have to go inside. Of course, the Bolts have scored the most goals in the NHL this season. The Islands were one of three teams that made the league’s 24-team “return to the game” series despite being in the bottom ten.


Of the rest of the teams, no one has scored more goals in the game than the Isles, who have scored 3.37 per game per island. And no one could score less than Lightning, who still has a very good 3..00 goals according to the game clip, but it’s fun to call them “the worst offensive team to have a certain status playoff,” so let’s do it. (I imagine that if Tampa had played Florida, Washington and Philly, and not Columbus and Boston, these numbers would have looked different))

Special team: Exactly what you would expect here. In the regular season both teams were either mid-pack or marginally good at PK. Tamper Power Play was eighth overall, while the Islands were twenty-fourth. Both power plays have been quite meh in the playoffs (about 17 percent, so Tampa has to pay more), and both had 82 percent of the pike spitting distance, which is a hair on the average good side.

Narrative Force: Since Tamper has a few days off I will allow you to have a “rest vs. rust” debate here. If you want, you can go with “offensive team vs. defensive team”. There was a time when you considered Tampa as skill and speed and the islands as “heavy” but there are names like Black Coleman, Yannie Gurte, Berkeley Gudro, Alex Killern, Anthony Cirelli, Braden Point, Cedric, Packet, Pat Maroon. The Tampa Bay team has proven that it also has artificial parts.

Health: The Bolts are still waiting for Steven Stamcos, although we have no real update on when he may return. It looks like Nikita Kucherov will also be able to go for Tamper, as she is skating. As with most teams it has turned into playoffs – injuries, bruises and other parts aside – both teams are quite healthy.

And so the pick …

At Tampa Bay 6 .. it doesn’t look like they can’t play a game of any style they can’t handle at the moment and that includes the Iles ’heavy, defense-first drama.

Vegas Golden Nights vs. Dallas Stars

I shocked the stars when I apologized for the loss of Nat McKinnon and the injured Ave instead of praising the Stars drama for winning the Games 7 OT. I absolutely deserve the stars to let them spend their moments, give Kibiranta her for her insane performance and celebrate the winners. And we’ll do it here.

I certainly do not apologize for this point. The way McKinnon played was like watching Mountain Tiger Woods play a “competition” role and a matter of seeing glory. But you don’t overpower the greatness properly and the stars have done a lot of good work, including “million times scores,” which weren’t exactly as well known during the regular season.

Coming from another angle, the Golden Knights and Canucks brilliantly reintroduced the Monty Python “Black Knight” sketch, where Cancus continues to suffer incessantly and is reluctant to concede defeat.

These two teams won a series of seven games and started to advance to the conference finals which started … oh my, it started on Sunday evening. We better get this then, then.

In an instant.

Target: The Vegas goal setting situation is valuable for an article, but that’s not what we’re doing here. All we’ll do is take a look at the edge of the Knights crease, assuming we’re looking at most games vs. Robin Lehner vs. Anton Khudobin. If Ben Bishop is able to get back and stay at the top of his game, that’s a different story. However, it will be difficult to find an injury and a few shaky appearances in how he spent so much time returning to the game. If Mark-Andre Fleury gets a few times, this conversation also changes.

So for now we would say that Khudobin is coming out of a series where he doesn’t feel particularly comfortable and still saved 99.99 percent of his time in the two-play game. Lehner is shutting down a shutout (with an insane save) and 991 percent of the service. Head coach Peter Deborah should be happy to get the confidence vote that came with the start of the game. Yes Khudobin can be tough. But for my money, Lehner is one of the best in the NHL right now.

Question: This is where the stars are supposed to succeed, posting the league’s second-best goal against each game in the regular season, allowing just over 2.5 in each competition. Vegas was very good there (2.94, 13th in the NHL), but again it seems to be star bread and butter. Of the other teams, however, Dallas have been the worst defensively, conceding a total of 3.5 goals in a total of 4, 4, and 4 games and in their last four editions.

After all, we know it’s something that can be good at the stars, and Avs is just a great offensive club. So we will agree to them here.

Crime: Vegas is not like the offense Avs, who was the best player in the playoffs (four goals per game) and the fourth best team in the league in the regular season. The Golden Knights were 13th in the season, averaging 3.15 goals per game.

Still, the league’s 13th isn’t bad – they can score – especially when Dallas are 26th, in contrast. Dallas is embarrassed by 2.6 goals per night in the regular season, the worst of the 24 unnamed Columbus play-in teams.

Dallas has its head behind the playoffs, though scoring 3.3 times per game, second best among the rest of the teams in the playoffs. They have depth and it seems that offense can come from any number of players on any given night. I think we’ve forgiven some skepticism that this will continue, although these numbers mostly came against the Calgary Flames (the lower half of the defensive team this year) and the injured NHL didn’t start targeting the NHL steadily.

Special team: During the regular season, everything was in the middle of the pack – both teams had about 22.5 percent power play and the Dallas pick was close to 70 percent. (Always remember the rule of special teams to add about 100 PKs and PPs to special teams. Dallas Check out that “100” box better). But the PKs of Vegas have fought for a good team, eating only .6 76..6 percent power drama, which means they are trailing a bit in this category.

There have been two spikes since the season: the Vegas homicide has gone from 77 percent to 6 percent, and the Dallas PP has gone from a 21 percent unit to a 29 percent success rate. I’m guessing that one of these two “improvements” will return to Earth.

Narrative Force: If you exclude, you might call it another “offensive team” (Vegas) vs. a “defensive team” (Dallas), but I’m not sure what we saw in the playoffs. Dallas can focus on the “Plky Underground” label that coaches fight to earn a living, which encourages some dangerous “nothing to lose here” games. They’ve definitely got the “none of us believe” tag we hear a lot of Champions Aps.

Health: Ben Bishop still doesn’t seem to be perfectly healthy, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be ready to go in the coming days. Andrew Cogliano and Taylor Fedoun are still listed as day-to-day for Dallas. Vegas’ Ryan Reeves will be suspended for any game.

And so the pick …

Vegas at five

The stars have plenty to love outside of the biggest names. Radek Foxa is so effective, Hinz is a force to be reckoned with, Denis Gurianov is one of the most underrated players in the NHL today. They are top-down from the top (not to mention their best player, Miro Heskenen), and they are deadly hard to beat if they play well.

But I question their “game-breakers”, their elite boys, who are supposed to help them in their strength as the games get thicker. If Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn hadn’t done it, how long would Joel Kivirantas be able to pull them off? I have my doubts about Seguin and Ben.

Vegas is so round, and their opponents can play the game any way they want to go. I like their depth, I like their intelligence (guys like Mark Stone and Paul Stastney are elite thinkers) and I like how D can influence them by jumping into the crowd.

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