An undeniable threat to legitimacy against Apple through retaliation against the US government

China is ready to counter China’s ban on sending U.S. technology to Chinese telecommunications maker Huawei as China identifies China as an “incredible entity”. This partinosino company faces several obstacles to prevent it from doing business in China.

The dispute between the two countries began in 2018 and was intensified by the White House earlier this week.


In May 2018, officials from the FBC, AIS, and three other U.S. intelligence agencies warned Americans not to leave Switzerland or other products.

There is a risk of access and data theft contaminated by all threats related to the Chinese government […]

FB Director Chris Weir said: “We are concerned about the creation of an organization or entity that would make our view to foreign governments that does not give us a position of power in telecommunications.

Since the 5G infrastructure is particularly concerned, it will jeopardize the security of all communications that go through it. The U.S. government later banned the use of technology from Hawaii and ZTE. The ban prevents Google applications from working on Hawaiian phones.

Block extension

Although the U.S. ban on Huawei weapons was lifted this month, Trump announced this week that he would extend it for another year.

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday. May :: Extending an executive order prohibiting national companies from using telecommunications equipment manufactured by risky companies to create a national emergency […]

The ban began for the first time for Huawei and lasted a year to shut down suppliers and partners. Google is on that list, which means Huawei has already launched two big interest phones if it doesn’t have the company’s Google Play Store or Android app collection. This low price for Hawaii and forces the company to develop alternatives to Google’s offerings.

After the first implementation of the ban, it appears that more important temporary freedoms are being completed for American companies to provide replacement kits. The current deadline has passed today and there is still no word on this extension.

“Incredible person” concerns

Reuters has reported threats against Apple.

China is ready to put the Washington firm on a “credible list” of Washington semiconductors as part of the ship’s advancement toward Huawei Technologies, The Times reported.

The report cites reports that U.S. companies such as Apple Inn, Cassin Systems, Qualcomm Inc., and Boeing Cove have launched investigations into the purchase, including an investigation into the purchase ban.

The report quoted a state-owned Chinese newspaper as saying that Apple and other companies were “facing significant legal and administrative action and warned the Chinese people to do the same.”

Hawaii is known for copying Apple products, including MacBooks, iPads, Apple Watch and more.

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