An Israeli court has extradited Malka Lifer to a sexual assault charge

Malka Leffer, the accused child sex offender, is reportedly on her way to Melbourne from Israel after a court ruling that she was charged with felony criminal mischief.

The Jerusalem Post reported Monday that Lafarge left early in the day just hours before the Israeli airport was closed due to a coronavirus epidemic.

One of her defendants, Maid Erlich, also tweeted on Monday that “Lifer is on her way back to Australia.”

Lifer has been charged in Australia with 744 counts of child rape and sexual abuse since his time as principal of the Orthodox Adas Israeli School in Melbourne.

Sisters Ellie Sapier, Dassie Erlich and Nicole Mayer in Melbourne in May. Photo: AAP

Israel’s Supreme Court approved his extradition order in December, and Justice Minister Avi Nisenkorn approved the order the next day.

His final failed appeal came after four appeals to an Israeli court, which was based on Lifer’s claim of mental illness.

Lifer fled to Israel in 2006 after being accused of using a plane ticket issued by the Adas School.

Here is a picture of Malka Leffer boarding a plane in Israel to be extradited to Australia
Welcome news for those who think about justice in this case.

– Dave Sharma (@DaveSharma) January 25, 2021

Lifer was first arrested in Israel in 2014, and placed under house arrest, only to be released on condition that he be diagnosed with mental illness.

After an independent intelligence investigation proved that he was diagnosed with mental illness and was taking his life as normal, Lifer was arrested again in 2018.

Thirteen years after she fled Australia, Malka Lefer is finally facing trial in a Victorian courtroom.

This day will never come to the minds of many of us worried but it came because of three brave sisters who never stopped fighting for their court stopped

– Josh Burns (@JoshBurnsamp) January 25, 2021

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