American immunologist warns of ‘coldest winter’ if virus reappears

Washington – America is facing “the darkest winter in modern history” if leaders do not take decisive action to stop the fight against carnivores, a government official who says he was fired after warning the Trump administration to prepare for an epidemic. .

Immunologist Dr. Rick Bright made clear predictions before the Chamber of Commerce and Energy Committee as evidence ready for his appearance on Thursday. The aspects of his complaint about the early management of the crisis are expected from a certificate from the executive of a company that manufactures masks for sufferers.

A federal surveillance agency has received “acceptable grounds” that Bright was removed from his position as head of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority after sounding the alarm at the Department of Health and Human Services. Brilliant claimed that he had been criticized for encouraging early initiatives to increase investment and supply in vaccine development.

“Our window of opportunity is closing,” Bright House said in his prepared testimony posted on the committee’s website. “If we don’t build a nationally integrated, science-based response, I fear the epidemic will get worse and worse, leading to unprecedented disease and death.”

Evidence of brilliance came after the government’s top infectious disease specialist, Dr Anthony Fawcett, warned this week that raising the price of restaurants and staying at home could sow the seeds of further suffering “clockwise”. And death and complex endeavors. To restart the economy.

President Donald Trump has dismissed Bright as a “disgruntled ally” and called on some of the president’s political allies to dismiss Fawcett, although this seems unlikely.

More than 63,000 people have died in the United States, accounting for more than a quarter of the world’s deaths and accounting for the world’s largest number. More than 4.3 million people were infected on the planet, and about 295,000 died.

Trump has called on states to lift restrictions if they want to restart the economy, and many governors are slowly doing so, even as consumers continue to dare to return to restaurants, social events and sports competitions.

In his prepared testimony, Bright said, “The undeniable truth is that this fall (COVID-19) will recover, it will exacerbate the seasonal flu challenge and impose an unprecedented strain on our healthcare system.”

“Without clear planning and implementation of the steps outlined by me and other experts, 2020 will be the coldest winter in modern history,” Bright wrote.

Bright, who holds a doctorate in immunology, outlined a path that would be based on science, even as researchers worked to develop better treatments and effective vaccines. Steps include:

– Establish a national testing strategy. The White House has urged states to lead the experiment, despite pressure from the federal government to conduct more tests and make them more widely available. Trump says the United States has been “successful” in using this strategy, but Democrats in Congress are demanding a federal structure to embrace the whole country.

– Basic safety measures such as frequent hand washing and wearing masks in public places indicate fake education guidelines for the public. “Indeed, we need to lead our leaders through behavior modeling,” Bright said, not explicitly referring to any president who appears to be in disguise.

– Production of necessary equipment and supply ramps from cotton swabs to safety gear for testing for healthcare workers and essential workers.

– Establishment of a system for the supply of rare and highly sought-after equipment and supplies. Eliminating state vs. state competition will increase efficiency and lower costs, he wrote.

As part of his spontaneous disability, Bright wants to be employed in his old job. HHS, its employer, says it strongly disagrees with his allegations and has reappointed him to a senior position at the National Institutes of Health to help lead the development of new coronavirus tests.

Barda, the brilliant organization during which he worked for 10 years, was created to help the government respond to bioterrorism, infectious diseases and radiological attacks. It emphasizes the development and collection of countermeasures such as vaccines and cures. Bright received an “outstanding” performance review prior to its re-release.

He said the dispute with HHS leaders was over hydroxyloloquine, which Trump brought without evidence as a “game changer” for the treatment of Covid-19 patients after opposing the widespread use of drugs such as malaria. Subsequent studies have indicated that drugs can do more harm than good. Brightness was removed annually in late April.

Following a Texas executive hearing on Thursday, the brand is expected to return to one aspect of the lawsuit that N95 prepares masks for sufferers. Michael Bowen, executive vice president of Prestige Ameritech, repeatedly emailed Bright in late January. Bowen offered to use product lines that had become obsolete and warned that other countries were supplying masks worldwide. Bright said in his complaint that it would take five weeks to remove the federal bureaucracy.

In a written testimony to the committee, Bowen said he worked with Brilliant and other barda managers before resolving a long-standing problem of not having adequate masks in government warehouses, “but I don’t think there was enough authority.”

In the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the United States was told that the banned “official silo” had been destroyed … so that various federal agencies could cooperate for national security, Bowen added. However, I did not find evidence. “

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