Amber Heard once told acting coach Johnny Depp that she would never let him go

Actress Amber Heard once told her acting coach that the London High Court heard on Friday that Johnny Depp would “destroy” her instead of leaving her in their troubled marriage.

Christina Sexton testified via video link from Australia that the 34-year-old “Akaman” star told her, “Johnny will never let me go,” The Sun reported.

Sexton’s testimony came on the 14th day of Depp’s explosive contempt trial against The Sun, which he is suing in a 2018 article that identified him as a “wife-bitter.”

He denies the allegations and blames Harde for all the violence in his marriage.

Sixton told the court that Hard said he was “embarrassed” by the idea of ​​bad publicity about his marriage to the “Caribbean pirate” star, only a year later, but that he “had to leave her,” the newspaper reported.

He said Depp came to Hear’s 30th birthday party after his speech and had to prepare.

Before the trial resumed on Friday morning, Depp’s lawyers alleged that Heard had sent his sister, Whitney Henriquez, 31, to testify when he testified on Thursday, according to the Daily Mail.

Depp’s attorney, David Sherburn, told Hard to refrain from using his cellphone while he was in court. The lawyer further requested that Henrique be kept away from the courtroom, while Depp’s team made a video clip showing Heard behaving violently towards his sister.

Henriquez testified Thursday that Heard had never been physically with him.

Amber Heard arrives at the Royal Courts of Justice in London, EPA / Will Oliver

A UK court on Thursday heard that Henriques had asked Depp not to marry his sister for encouraging her to be violent.

He told the court that it was alleged that Depp had persuaded the actress to punch him during a heinous fight in 2015 and removed him from the path of Hayarde Language.

Henriquez said he saw Hard as the “Edward Scissorhands” star when he repeatedly shook his hair while shaking his hair.

The sister lived a rent-free life in a penthouse in Depp, next door to the couple.

Heard took a stand earlier this week and called Depp a “monster” who threatened to kill him “multiple times” and once “carved my face so no one else wanted me.”

When Depp turned on the stand, he called his ex-wife a “sociopathic” wine-guzzling batter, who once cut off the tip of his finger with a vodka bottle.

Later today, Heard’s friend Io Tilet Wright hopes to testify via video link in the United States.

On the morning of Herd’s 30th birthday, in April 2016, in the couple’s bed, Depp said he discovered human wings, accusing his then-wife and Wright of orchestrating unprincipled pranks.

Heard denied the allegations and insisted that a large pile came from his Yorkshire Terrier Bu.

After the Pope’s incident, Depp said he decided to divorce Hear and described it as a “suitable opportunity for a relationship.”


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