Amber Heard has accused the accused of insulting the photos

Amber Heard was charged in court on Wednesday with “a hoax” by showing her a picture with a badly contagious look – although there is “no sign” of her being accused of attacking “first-time” husband Johnny Depp.

Property manager Kevin Murphy told the London High Court that when he arrived at his home in Los Angeles in December 2015, Herd immediately called him and tearfully claimed that Depp had “hit him several times in the face and pulled his hair,” the evening standard said.

“I remember standing about four feet away and becoming suspicious,” Murphy told the court, according to a London paper.

“Missy Shradi had no marks, bruises, cuts, redness or swelling on her face, nor any place on her head where her hair was pulled,” she said of the makeup-free actress.

He was shown a picture of Heard in the December 1 encounter – the day after he was confronted – with clear marks on Heard’s face, which the court said was a “litany of violence” by Depp.

“When I saw him, I saw no signs of injury, redness, no scratching, no signs of physical abuse or conflict,” he insisted from the witness position.

He further claims that while a team of Harders was released believing that the hair was pulled in the attack, the actress “showed up completely differently” for a haircut that she was shown.

Marafi confirmed to the court that he had texted Depp about his concerns about “contradictory evidence” in the photo and told the court that he believed they were “cheating”.

Asked if he was “suggesting a conspiracy,” he told the court, “Well, I’m not proposing – I think it’s a hoax.”

He told the court he thought Heard was lying, when he claimed Depp had hurt him, he said, “Johnny will never hurt a woman.”

Another worker, stylist Samantha Macmillan, told the court the day before that she had not seen any “visible signs” of Hayard while working with her shortly after the report’s attack.

Murphy, however, reported seeing an obvious injury to Depp for his wife’s violence.

According to Standard, Murphy said the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star told him that “he was furious and threw a heavy television remote control” at his head – hitting him severely and breaking it, Murphy said by standard.

“I saw a round, molten necklace and lace on Mr. Depp’s forehead on the left side of the television remote,” Murphy said.

“Mr. Depp was uncomfortable and embarrassed by the situation. He said it was ‘no big deal’ and asked me if the remote could be fixed or replaced,” he said.

Deep sues The Sun in an April 2011 article that stated he was a “wife-bitter”, which he denies – and instead states that his “social-medical” ex-wife was violent in their marriage.

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