Amazon staffers are losing out on dangerous pay – and live – like Bezos Cash In.

COVID-19 is a disaster for Jeff Bezos and the death penalty for some of its employees.

The arrival of epidemic-inspired buyers has been boosted by the net level of Amazon’s CEO, drawing attention this week to a forecast that the richest man in modern history will become the world’s first thriller by 2026. Bezos’s real wealth is)

But workers at Amazon’s warehouses are quickly looking toward financial deadlines: at the end of the month, the company is completing a set to raise salaries for coronaviruses. This is the latest blow to the labor group that has already seen members die of illness – two more were confirmed dead on Thursday – the country has avoided growing IRL retailers and organizers have fought dramatically to strengthen defenses.

Monica Moody is an employee of the Amazon Performance Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. He and his colleagues currently receive an extra 2 2 an hour to consider the risks of working in a warehouse during a frequent epidemic, as well as double overtime pay.

Amazon originally planned to end payments for COVID-19 in mid-May, but extended that to the end of the month. Modi, a member of the United for Reporter Employees Advocacy Group, blamed his colleagues for spreading the claim.

“Employees and I shortened our lives every day until the epidemic began. Amazon is compensating us for the risks we’ve taken in a very short time, and I’m glad Amazon is listening to our demands to continue paying for the risks to 1 Amazon e girl. Modi said.

But if the end of the epidemic is visible, the May 30 deadline is not enough, he said.

“Let’s face it: two weeks of extra pay isn’t close to what we need,” Moody told the Daily Beast. “We literally see it as we get sicker every day, and it’s not diminishing. At the very least, there is a need to increase the cost of risk for the entire duration of this epidemic.

Deals at a near-unprecedented job loss – with nearly 33 million people applying for unemployment in the midst of the closure of COVID-19 – are inconvenient. Especially on the infamous Amazon, which represents a large part of the job market. Even before the epidemic, some economists identified the Amazon as the exclusive feature of labor, responsible for most of the work. This share has increased in recent months; As competitors experience massive layoffs, Amazon is hiring 100,000 new employees to meet the demands of the COVID era.

According to Olivia Webb, a policymaker at the American Economic Freedom Project, which focuses on monopolies, Amazon may seem to be the only alternative to the wage problem. .

“Employees can theoretically choose to work between different businesses, so there should be competition to pay theoretically,” Webb said. “But when Amazon comes and there is monopoly in some places in the job market, there is not much competition for wages and workers are delayed in what Amazon will give them. This applies to both their base wages and risk pay. Amazon could block it from its own issue because there is no appeal to workers to say, “I’ll work in a grocery store for mom and dad, because it’s no longer there.”

In a comment, an Amazon spokesman said the two-week expansion was the latest addition to the nearly $ 800 million COVID-19 package for workers.

“This expansion has increased the total wage investment for our staff and partners by about 800 800 million per hour during COVID-19,” the spokesman said. “Furthermore, we provide flexibility with leisure opportunities, including the expansion of the COVID-19 situation such as high-risk people or the expanded policy of school closure, including at this difficult time, we still have high demand and the team is doing incredible work. For our customers and society. “

Of course, a change of তুল 800 million compared to Bezos’ net worth: 3 143 billion, according to Forbes. Much of this fortune does not come from its payouts, but from 11 percent of Amazon’s shareholders, where the share price has risen 28 percent this year due to the purchase of coronavirus. Since March, Bezos’ wealth has grown by about 18 18 billion. At the time, he bought a million 1 million Manhattan apartment in a building where he already owns three units of production, which is $ 96 million in that structure alone.

সময়ে 18 billion at this time is about ,500 12,500 an hour. Again, the Amazon warehouse coronavirus growth that ended this month was $ 2 per hour (excluding overtime pay).

Even before the announced downturn, Amazon’s outlook on COVID-19 was protested in sales outlets across the country. In Minnesota, workers began walking after being fired for staying home with her children without the risk of contracting the virus. (Amazon’s policy alleges that unlimited unpaid leave was granted and reinstated after employee protests.)

Towards the end of March, the New York State of New York City held their own walk in the workplace, protesting what they called unsafe work conditions. Shortly after the protests, Amazon fired its organizer, Christian Smalls, for allegedly violating social organization rules. In a note published by VC News, Amazon Management discusses plans to demonize small and union workers, criticizes the younger ones, and builds them up as “the face of the whole union / organizational movement.” (Amazon did not deny the entry. Its author told VC News that he “let me compose my feelings and correct me.”)

This could have an impact on wages, with Amazon’s growing role as the city’s only gig affecting union efforts.

“If you only have one place to work and they can catch you in the company and they fire you, which Amazon has shown is very interested in doing, there is no other job option, especially if you are a compiler,” Webb told the Daily Beast. (Amazon has explicitly refused to give employees discounts for this company.)

By May, at least 29 workers at the Staten Island warehouse had contracted COVID-19 and one had died. At least five more employees were killed at outlets in Illinois, Indiana and California. Amazon confirmed the deaths of two Indiana workers on Thursday night. It is difficult to get accurate statistics on the Covid-19 case in Amazon warehouses, but this week 13 state generals wrote a letter to a team asking them to get internal statistics on the COVID case and death.

Upon learning of the recent deaths, Moody said Friday that his colleagues “wanted to do the same thing that everyone on Amazon is asking: stop (on campus with cases) and clean professionally.”

“You have seven deaths. You have the advantage that there are only 30 cases of coronavirus, so it should tell you something, ”he said.

Moody argues that if working on Amazon is a matter of life and death and the Kavid-19 doesn’t go anywhere, the compensation should be reflected in the near future, Moody argues.

“If we expose ourselves to life to pack and deliver Amazon packages,” he said, “we deserve to pay for it.”

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