Amazon Music now lets you stream live streams of artists thanks to Twitch

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Amazon Music It is now officially a livestream platform for new partnerships Slippery.

The latest partnership allows Twitch to own Amazon, To bring livestreaming capabilities to Amazon Music apps on iOS and Android.

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From Coronavirus With most events canceled in 2020, it has become a vital tool for livestreaming artists. Many musicians are using different platforms to stream performances as a way to promote, earn money and connect with fans during this breakup.

Recently, Post Malone COVID-19 used direct flow power to raise more than 4 4 million for relief. As well Blink-182‘S. Travis Barker, The rapper played a full set Nirvana Cover for virtual performance.

E.g., Mike Shinoda‘Of Dropped Frames, Vol. 1 was made entirely in Twitch. With the help of viewers around the world, the album has 12 tracks that were created with the input of all the fans.

The new partnership announcement states in a press release that the feature will enable fans to “engage with artists in a whole new way and move seamlessly between live stream and recorded music.”

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“For the first time,” the statement said. “Artists around the world will be able to connect directly to Amazon Music’s more than 55 million subscribers via Twitch, providing music fans with the best live in-app experience and more engaging with an artist’s recorded catalog.”

Already, Amazon Music accounts of more than a thousand artists are linked to Twitch. According to Amazon Music Director Ryan Reddington, “This new feature may not come at a more important time in the industry.”

The Twitch Partnership gives Amazon Music users new ways to discover and hire artists. The app will include push notifications from the artists they follow during TV Live and through Amazon Music’s new “Live” browse page.

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Earlier this week, Amazon Music’s Twitch channel will feature live events from various artists. KillerBrandon flowers And Ronnie Vanucci Jr. Their latest album will be streaming live on September 4th to answer questions about The Meraj.

In addition, on September 3 Amazon Music UK is streaming the Heavy Music Awards 2020 live from London.

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