All you need to know about Spelunky 2

The gaming industry is very close to Spelunki. The colorful cult hit not only helped popularize the Roguilaic genre, but it also opened the door to the modern indie game revolution with the launch of a high-profile Xbox Live arcade. More than a decade later, the critically beloved is getting a long-awaited sequel that seems to have expanded into the grip of the original. Everything here to know about Spelunki 2

A platforming roguelike

Like its predecessor, Spelunky 2 pulls elements from Rogelics and platforms together. The simple goal is to reach the edge of a cave by traveling randomly to the floor filled with traps. Each level has a hidden exit door that players must find through careful exploration. When the player dies they lose everything they collect and start with nothing from the start.

Each floor has a variety of treasures for players to collect and privacy to discover. While there is no level time limit, the original game has a powerful ghost that will prey on players if they spend too long on a stage. Each run is a complex balance between getting out of the floor as quickly as possible to discover as many items and secrets as possible.

Players like any classic platform can jump into monsters to defeat them or get whip-like equipment. Shops appear randomly across levels and provide different weapons and upgrades for each run.

The environments in Spelunky 2 are basically destructive, meaning players can use bombs to destroy platforms and create shortcuts through levels.

New face

At first, the players control the daughter Anna Spelunki, the main protagonist of the first game. Sequel Anna travels to the moon to search for her missing family members. Even after the lunar setting, the environments are basically similar to the original game with rocky caves, desert-like ruins and much more.

Throughout the game, players can unlock new characters such as Margaret Tunnel and Ruffy de Sloth, who is literally a gentleman. The game has a central hub, which continues to grow as new characters are discovered and runs are completed. The space allows players to practice movement and access various shortcuts discovered along the way.

The difference from the original

Mosmouth stressed that the world of Spilunki 2 is shorter than the original, featuring more ways to communicate with the environment. Branching routes have been added sequentially, with each level exiting further. The layers also have a second layer behind the typical 2D playfield, which contains hidden treasures and privacy.

The shops have been updated in sequels to add more minigame elements to the purchases. A trailer shows the character’s rolling giant dice to win an item stuck behind an electric barrier.

Mounts are new to the game, allowing players to navigate different animals through different levels. Trailers running turkeys show characters that can fly long distances by fluttering their wings.

Developer Derek Yu has promised that the game will reveal deeply hidden privacy, even though he’s still not sure if he’s discovered all of this yet.

An upgraded arsenal

In addition to standard spellunky weapons such as shotguns and whips, several new tools have been added to the sequel that can be discovered throughout the run. The new weapons include a flame and a cloning gun, which players can use to create multiple copies of the NPC like crazy.

Players can grab different packs that give them passive bonuses. For example, a power pack improves the ability to handle weapons, while a hover pack allows players to rotate indefinitely. Poisons and curses are new to the game, which can infect enemies or their players.

Old favorite items like web guns and icy rays are also back in the game.

Online multiplayer

Original Spelunki adds local multiplayer feature, Secular Online Play. The game has both co-op adventure mode as well as competitive options.

The game vs. the original game has been expanded under the Arena banner. It has both a traditional themed deathmatch option and a new mode called Hold the Idol. The game’s Sony State of Play trailer gives a brief glimpse of the aftermath that shows four players in a battle to grab a golden skull from the center.

When and where?

So far, Spelunky 2 has only been confirmed for the PlayStation 4 and Steam launches. The game will first launch on PlayStation 4 on September 15 yet no PlayStation 5 release has been announced yet. PC owners can grab the game on September 29th, a few weeks later.

Mosmouth has yet to say anything about an Xbox release. The game is considered to be too much of a feature on Sony’s state-of-the-art streams, with the PlayStation console likely to be exclusive during its initial launch window.

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