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Where to go, how to pick and what to do when the picks are over, were answered just in time for the apple-picking season.

One of the most interesting parts of the fall is that the harvest season is slowly coming to an end and the fruits come in both directions, with the last harvest of the year available to many. One of the best parts of autumn is pumpkins – from apples to root veggies and everything in between – it’s apples!

Often underrated, Apple doesn’t get almost the same amount of attention as its orange autumn friend, but it starts to change. With so many farms and orchards now opening up for apple picking, it’s no surprise to see apple recipes as well as apple cider and the like. There’s nothing like exploring a garden with fresh-baked apple donuts in hand and a fresh glass of apple cider to wash it off. The only way to make the day better is to know the ins and outs of apple picking, from picking the right orchard and (and by extension, the right kind of apples).

We’re officially answering everyone’s most popular apple picking questions and adding some helpful tips for the best autumn experience.

Looking for the perfect garden to suit your Apple taste

For those who live in rural areas, there is no end to the number of gardens that apple lovers can choose from. Those who are close to cities may find it a bit challenging and have to go beyond the city limits to find gardens, which limits their options. For others, however, finding the right garden can be overwhelming at first.

The first step in finding the perfect garden for picking is to visit the local garden website and social media. Often, there will be a list of different types of apples available for picking, time frames and dates. Some orchards may have additional picking experience when one type of apple is picked more than another, so, some orchard rows will be limited until others are picked. That alone can help narrow down the decision, and depending on the region in the United States, they may find that Gala, Honey Crisp, Macintosh, Cortland, or any other popular apple can be found in one orchard, but not in another.

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The bag is also calculated – some gardeners are provided with multiple size-bags for sorting while others have one-size-fits-all options. Once the bag is full, it’s time to buy another bag or call the day, so it’s good to know how many apples you’re looking for before committing to another garden.

Interesting part: Way right, and wrong, the way to pick an Apple

Believe it or not, there are right and wrong ways to pick an apple. This is something that many small farms will explain, but larger farms may be able to explain this to each apple-picker. It is not certain that any apple tends to ripen after picking, so it is important to pay attention to the overall appearance of the apple and keep this thumb rule in mind: for eating apples first choose from the outside, according to home taste.

Choosing whether the apples know the right way to separate their stalks from the tree is incredibly easy. With a ward upward motion, all that is needed for a ripe apple is a bit curved in and out. If an apple shows any signs of resistance, it is probably not ready for picking and is short-ripe. An apple picker should never shake or pull down an apple to pick an apple in any way, size or shape, as it can cause a wave of apples to fall off the tree, causing no one to pick them up – which is wasted for the farm and potentially Can attract unwanted insects like ants and insects. It can also damage tree branches and take up even smaller branches, resulting in an apple not being properly pruned.

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It is important to place the apples gently in the bag or box, as they can be easily brushed. By following these great simple tips for picking apples, you will get rewarding fruits that will be practically flawless in both taste and appearance.

How to preserve apples in the short and long term

Come home with a pound-bag of fresh apples and be overwhelmed but don’t worry … there are ways to save them! Fresh apples at the counter will stay fresh for several days (provided humidity is low and the kitchen is not hot) but they should be stored in a crisper drawer in the fridge for any time frame. Since apples tend to produce their own gas, they should be stored separately from other fruits and vegetables.

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The easiest way to preserve apples is to cook them first. If you know how you want to use your apples, you need pure, spicy apples or apples, these can be prepared in advance and stored in the fridge. Sometimes this is a great way to keep apples fresh in the winter, especially for those who are a little apple-crazy when picking … which is perfectly normal!

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