/Aldrich: Trump has only destroyed a nation that he has promised to make great again

Aldrich: Trump has only destroyed a nation that he has promised to make great again

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It even took hours to call for Trump to be sent to the National Guard.

They should all be judged and judged within the full scope of the law.

When a country elects a leader who turned the media into an enemy of the people during his campaign, when he was first elected.

Americans live and die by their constitution, which guarantees a free and democratic election, freedom of the press and the right to life and liberty, and the right to peaceful protest. Clearly, what these people amend is their only right to bear arms, because they have only disrespected the rest of it.

If they wore turbans, the crowd would be considered terrorists. If most people in the crowd had skin-colored skin, Trump would throw them behind with rubber bullets, fire hoses and tear gas.

And just won’t. He did this toward peaceful protesters who had gathered outside a church in Washington DC in June to simply put up a photo of him in the campaign.

Instead, the outgoing president created angry, twisted bases and turned them into one of the most important buildings in the country during one of their most important ceremonies. He lit a match and watched the fire burn.

When he finally released a video to get people back home, he poured more petrol over the fire, lying and hating.

I’m not saying this as someone who Americans usually look at my nose.

I say this with the red, white and blue generation flowing in my veins with war veterans equipped on both ends of the family. I’m not so embarrassed about the United States