Albanian psychologists ban the so-called Conversion therapy

TIRANA, Albania – Gay rights organizations have welcomed a decision by Albania’s governing body of psychologists to ban so-called conversion therapy, which seeks to change sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

A statement from Rozovo’s embassy in Albania, the country’s main LGBT organization, said the decision “puts the Order of Psychologists in Albania at the forefront of LGBTI institutions”, making Albania the sixth European country to implement such a ban. after Spain, Switzerland, Malta, Great Britain and Germany.

All registered therapists in Albania must be members of the Order of Psychologists.

This move is “significantly important for LGBTI adolescents, whose parents often force them to undergo conversion therapy in the hope of changing their sexual orientation or gender identity,” the Pink Embassy said.

A day earlier, LGBT organizations held a virtual Pride Tirana 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic. In a separate activity, they distributed their multicolored flag to ministries and other higher public institutions as part of their motto “Be proud! Raise the flag! ”

In 2010, Albania passed an anti-discrimination law that grants legal rights to homosexuals but does not allow same-sex marriage. There are still widespread anti-gay prejudices, discrimination and reports of domestic violence against gays, although there have been no attacks on pride parades.

“Social attitudes towards the LGBT community as a whole are negative and among the most unfavorable at European level,” the statement said.

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