AirPods ’market share has declined, but sales are rising

According to Counterpoint Research, AirPods ’market share has declined dramatically this year, from around 50% in 2019 to about 35% today. The firm is estimating Apple’s market share in the real wireless in-ear headphones market.

The fall in shares is unlikely to worry Apple much, but sales look healthier than ever.

According to Bloomberg, Counterpoint expects sales of AirPods to rise from 61M last year to 82M this year, up more than a third.

The reason for the decline in the share of the AirPods market with increasing sales is, of course, that the market as a whole is expanding rapidly. True wireless in-ear headphones are mainstream, with a growing number of brands offering them at all price points, ranging from 30 30-50.

More affordable alternatives to Chinese competitors have reduced Apple’s lead, and Silicon Valley will now find itself with one-third of the market at 35%, followed by Xiaomi Corps at 10% and Samsung Electronics Co. at 6%, according to researchers (…).

A growing number of specialized Chinese brands have come to the fore, such as (…) 1 Moore True Wireless ANC has surpassed the এর 250 AirPods Pro soundtrack by canceling 180 180.

Samsung has increased its market share with its Galaxy Buds Live, with some discounts.

The South Korean company said it shipped 300,000 pairs of Buds Live in the first few weeks of availability, although most of it was bundled with the Galaxy Note 20 flagship phone.

Samsung is expected to push harder by providing multiple true wireless models at different price points. Apple has already done this, with AirPods options ranging from 15 159 to 9 249 (although less is available).

Surprisingly, the biggest competition is on the lower end.

Counterpoint analyst Liz Lee said, “The lower-to-middle segment, including Chinese brands like JLAB and manufacturers in the United States, has been taking its share of the premium market.”

Interestingly, established premium audio brands are not yet in this market.

Sennheiser, BayerDynamics and Audio-Technica have just registered in the latest market data, with Counterpoint researchers identifying them as competitors in the premium segment and holding 0.0% or less.

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