/Agent Scott Boras: The Blue Jays are in a ‘great’ position with the young core

Agent Scott Boras: The Blue Jays are in a ‘great’ position with the young core

When the Toronto Blue Jays last drafted Austin Martin in the fifth month, they got a rare skill that his agent Scott Boras calls “dirty energy.”

“Austin is a player who could possibly take first place in the draft in past drafts. He’s a unique player because he’s as versatile as Chris Bryant, because he can play infield and outfield positions and do it with great ease, ”Boras said in a Reuters blockbuster appearance on Thursday.“ Plus, his bat has the kind of strength that you get from a big player. You can expect more – more corner outfielders – and yet he’s got an infield shape. We call it ‘dirty power’ and it’s very rare for a player to have dirty power. I think Neil J himself got something very special here. “

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Client Austin Martin is signing with Scott Boras Blue Jess

July 092020

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Boris Martin’s first supporter has successfully negotiated a baseball deal – a deal worth just over 7 7 million – and will now see his client jump directly into the Blue Jays’ 600-member squad to join the Toronto club as they train for the shortest 2020 season.

Looking at the young original of Neil Jess at the moment, Borus likes what he sees.

“Mark [Shapiro] And juice [Atkins] The foundation has done a really good job of building cores where literally in the middle of a lineup that can include players. When you look at a club where you are going to have middle-lineup possibilities with players who can fill real infield spots, that’s something. Most baseball clubs do not. It also opens the door for you to power slugging players, corner-outfielders, which are often more available in free agency than infielders. ”

Boris, who has been critical of Blue J’s dealings in recent years, says working with a young roster opens the door to managing their current situation for free agent pitching and for spending money on some big, win-now free agents. Stable, affordable foundation built through drafting and development.

“I would say right now that the Blue Jays are really in a great position here for the next five, six years,” he said.