AFL and Cavid-19 | Richmond coach Damien Hardwick has called for a bigger interchange

“I’ll look at an extended bench but more intelligent men than I have seen before.

“I think Steven [Hocking] It will work on what it will look like in the coming weeks but the great thing about the AFL is that they are very open about what they are looking for and the feedback we give them.

“This is a situation we have never seen before. We need to think about this step. “

Hardwick believes that extra players will benefit from extra game time, considering that there is no official reserve competition for the team to arrange shorter scratch matches with each other.

“I want to see good players play as much as possible. That could mean the stars will play two weeks and 60 percent of them in the third week [usual] During the game or you can give them a break, ”Hardwick said.

“At least give us the power to make this call. I think the AFL will look at it and take it on board and see how it has expanded.

“Of course there will be some sticking points with the players paying but I am sure the AFLPA understands.

“It simply came to our notice then [the extra players] There is no extra money or pro-rate base. I’m not sure, I’ll give it to the boy. “

This is a situation we have never seen before. We have to think in steps.

With bench rotations limited to 90 per game, Hardwick knows that extra players can only play small roles, but he thinks it’s worth considering.

“Whether it’s six or eight on the bench, I’m not too sure,” Hardwick said.

“But when we have players sitting here lazy, we don’t want to lose foot games, we can sit on their benches.”

Roy Ward is a sports writer for The Age.

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