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When one thinks of the leaders of this industry, the first thing in the past is to look at the huge, expanding brand that embodies the thinking of the customer and the driving culture. The next thought is: super bowl. Yes, there are 100 including Super Bowl broadcasts this year but there are also movies about race and content for popular TV shows, protests and greetings.

Melina Matsukas
Represented by: de la Revoluccian Films and Pretty Bird
According to: Los Angeles

Recent work: His first feature film, Queen and Slim, tells the story of a young Krishna couple who shot a police officer in self-defense and then had to flee. “Every part of the process was complicated, from telling an old story that involves discrimination against people, both in the community and on screen, in controlling the ownership of this film. The film is close. It has a real purpose, and it is an honor to honor the lives of those who have lost their lives to police brutality despite the difficulties, ”he said.

Instructions for artists: “Be self-taught. Your craft,” he said. For me, it was both filmmaking research, its history in the classroom, and production, still learning the process. But learning from different forms, and I deeply believe in learning your craft, immerse yourself in the art of making fine art. “Ou Doug Ginger

Tim Godsall
Representative: Anonymous Content
Such as: Toronto and Los Angeles

Recent work: An advertisement for Squarespace’s Super Bowl mentions Minnesota’s Winona Ryder who inspired her name. Godsall added, “The high demand for experience, the high temperatures and the Arctic temperatures make it challenging and appealing.” “David Lee [Squarespace CCO and also the 2020 creative 100 honoree] And his gang is all agencies and customers, so anything can change that now. It’s urgent. When you’re going to shoot with a celebrity whose script may or may not be really approved, there are places that can be shot in places and in the sky that may or may not be a snow cough or a couple’s cough – they did. Everything was fun with them and I signed up anytime. “

Emergency Managers Instructions: “Do it for you,” he said. “Don’t wait for others to understand you and wait for permission.” -D.Z.

Ali Ali
Representative: good people; Caviar
Based: Athens, Greece

Recent work: Diesel’s “follow” which makes 2019 partners joke about their competition as much as it gives them pleasure without eating too many pictures.

What’s funny: “We had a very difficult decision.” [Follow] “. As you can imagine, in the case of diesel, diesel can have a big impact when it comes to diesel – a bit too much involved. They looked as beautiful as the eyes, I tried to give them a good shot like that. There was time, only two days, and the time was crazy, ”Ali said. “But it is [came] And yet it is the most exciting event of the year.

Personal mantra: “Respect the product, not the process,” he said. -D.Z.

FX Gobi
Representative: Nexus Studios
According to: London

Recent work: Beetle’s boyfriend, VDW’s “The Last Mile” at the mechanic’s stop. The second 90-minute film captures the culture of the car. “It is very rare to make a film that not only sells something but only pays homage to one of the most featured artists of all time” rec “

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