/Adding YouTube sidebars reminds users about music

Adding YouTube sidebars reminds users about music

YouTube Music is now Google’s only music streaming service after Play Music was neglected last year, although transfers are still available. A short tweet shows YouTube music featuring ads on YouTube.com’s sidebar.

When signed in as a premium customer, there are Home, Trending, Subscription, Original, and Library before the Compact Navigation Rail and Extended Drawer. “YouTube Music” will now open the penalty item and music.youtube.com. It’s like the top bar of the original Android and iOS clients.

Like the originals, this addition helps the ad to feature a full streaming service in the 99 11.99 subscription to use the site without the ad. When listening to appropriate music on YouTube, mobile apps ask you to open YouTube Music already for a more dedicated experience.

YouTube music in the sidebar is rolling out this weekend. It seems to be interested in existing customers because “Originals” is not currently available for those who do not provide or log out. That said, since YouTube is usable with music ads, it could eventually be advertised to all YouTube viewers.

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