Acquired by Chris Lacey’s ActionDash Sensor Tower

Android has been a big focus in the past few releases of Digital Wellbeing, but not everyone has access to Google’s suite tools. To fill this gap, Android developer Chris Lacy has released ActionDash, a third-party app that was originally replicated and in many cases improved Google’s offerings. Now, that app has been acquired.

In a recent post, Chris Lacey explained that, after careful thought, he decided to accept an offer from Censor Tower to sell ActionDash. Under new management from the enterprise-centric mobile analytics firm, he believes the app will already be able to provide both of Lacey’s underdeveloped features, but he couldn’t do them himself.

Lacey further noted that the sensor tower is “not in the business of collecting and selling personally identifiable information, providing personalized ads, etc.” and he believes that users of the app will see the new owner as a “great fit”.

The biggest claim to ActionDash’s reputation is that it brings most of the features Google has created – notification tracking, screen time measurement and more – to almost any modern Android smartphone. These were all provided for free, but an এর 6.99 app purchase was required to dig up the ads and unlock the functionality. As a result of this new acquisition, ActionDash will be completely ad-free যদিও although the “plus” level will be surrounded to unlock more features. It also dropped to just 99 cents.

Chris Lacey further teases in this post that ActionDash Sales finally gives him the necessary resources to properly launch a “Brand New, Longevity Development (and will be published soon!)” Post

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