A tough game has barely gotten louder

After the epidemic in London in 1665, the Lord Mayor decided: “Every house visited by this disease was marked with a red cross a foot long in the middle of the door The simple printed words to move forward are, “Sir, have mercy on us.”

By 2020, the deadly coronavirus has not yet reached us, but when the AFL is gearing up to start it, some football players may wonder if they were somewhat indifferent to what they wanted.

After a few months at home, with no spectators and the rest of us released from the same captivity as we are, soccer players have to stay at home for at least a few months, with very few or no spectators. A grassroots person identified this system of governance as all the Old Testament and seven more.

Bulldogs Mitch Wallace and Patrick Lipinski C Credit: Getty Images

Assuming that a player’s life system does not conform to the order, it may be advisable to move elsewhere for a while. There will be checks. Of course, it’s not just the players: the coaches and staff also have the attitude of walking a football team. This is at least 1000 people.

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