A sensitive message about Vanessa Bryant about what will be Joanna’s daughter’s 14th birthday

Four months after the tragic helicopter crash that killed them, Vanessa Bryant pays tribute to Kobe Bryant’s late husband and their daughter Jenna.

On Friday, May 1, Vanessa Bryant went to her social media to find out how she felt when she turned 14 that day.

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“Happy 14th birthday to my sweet little daughter Jania. Brother began his message, Mom loves you more than I can show you.

“You are part of my soul forever. I miss you so much every day, “he said.” I wish I could wake up and stay with me. I miss your smile, your hugs and giggles. I miss you all, Jiggy. I love you so much !!!!!! ! “

Vanessa also posted a picture of the red bracelet in honor of her daughter. “Jania liked a red bow in all her school drawings. Red means love and life. Please consider wearing red to celebrate Gigi’s birthday, sign a philanthropic act or show how you will play in Gigi’s way, because he always gave his all and kindly led, ”Bryant shared.

“- Please use the hashtag #plegigisway. Thank you. 5-1-06 Mambacita (Our fund Mamba and Mambacita have the opportunity to make this bracelet available for earnings. I will update you with a record if I have them for purchase). “

His birthday came shortly after Joanna, as well as Embada Academy teammates Alice Altobelli and Python Chester, who died in the crash, were recognized as honorary choices through the WNBA project. Vanessa once shared a picture of Joyna in the form of Mamba Academy and wrote: “Gigi, I’m so proud of you. God, I miss you You deserve a long, healthy and happy life. I hope I could hold you and I can tell you how proud I am of you the best, girl M Mom loves and misses more than I could ever express and miss W Mombsita “Dana”

Koba and Jayana survived Vanessa, as well as three other daughters Kobe and Vanessa, Jania’s sister, Natalia, 17, Bianca, 3, and Capri.

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