A retraced trailer for Atomic Heart is now available

Atomic Heart is an action RPG that looks interesting and we are certainly keen to try it, but the news for the game is somewhat rare. What we know is that the title is an alternative 1955 reality. Settled in the still-established Soviet Union, the world has advanced many years. Players take on the role of a mentally-disturbed KGB special agent who goes by the name of P-3 where you are given the task of looking for any production facility that has gone silent.

Being an action RPG, players can expect a mix of combat that revolves around the gun with harmful weapons. There is even talk of having an artwork attached where players can upgrade or upgrade weapons with temporary scraps of metal or equipment that are available throughout the game. However, the details are rarely published with this game but the published footage makes us want to go inside this unusual world.

Recently, Atomic Heart got a new trailer online that features retracking. Here you see the visuals of the game where the lights shine and the objects bounce in reality. Unfortunately, this is just a showcase of visuals in this trailer so no new details have been revealed about its basis or what we can expect. Although it does provide a small snippet of gameplay footage.

You can see that P-3 is apparently using weapons to fight against robots and transformed animals. Even touching a supernatural skill that we are sure will give us more insights as we continue the game with the developers Mundfish.

Source: YouTube

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