A representative of the Kobe Bryant pilot has accused passengers of a fatal helicopter crash

A representative of the pilot who blew up the helicopter with NBA legend Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna and six others said he blamed passengers for the fatalities this week. Both Pilot and Island Express blamed the victims for their defensive tactics against Vanessa Bryant’s lawsuit.

The pilot’s family blamed Kobe Bryant and other passengers for the crash

TMZ reported that the pilot was firing back after a lawsuit was filed against the helicopter company Jobayan and Island Express, owned by Vanessa Biman, the wife of Bryant, a relative of Ara George Jobayan.

The relative said:

“The plaintiff and / or any injury or loss of their decency directly or in part or to the extent of the plaintiff’s and / or their volunteer’s knowledge of the risks involved by the negligence or guilt of their decency, and this negligence was a significant reason for their alleged loss for which this respondent is a defendant Bears no liability. “

The statement is deadly harsh that three children died in the accident.

It was also avoided that the experienced pilot Jobayan agreed to fly the helicopter that day. The pilot knew that LAPD and others had grounded their helicopter fleet due to fog and poor visibility.

Investigators also found that Joban was flying at 184 miles per hour when he crashed into a mountain in Calabasas, California.

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The Island Express also blames the victims

Still, blaming for passengers is a strategy that is clearly shared by both Jobayan’s family and the Island Express. Both the pilot and the helicopter company chose this argument in response to Vanessa Bryant’s lawsuit.

NBC News quoted Island Express as saying in court documents filed Monday in Los Angeles that Bryant was “actually aware of all the circumstances, had a perception of particular dangers and risks” and the way he chose to go to the table.

The agency added that they were not responsible and that the crash was “an act of God.”

Vanessa Bryant filed her lawsuit

Vanessa filed her lawsuit back in February, arguing that Island Express and Jobain had “the responsibility to use the degree of care that a normal caring and intelligent pilot would use in the same or similar situation.”

The lawsuit alleges Joban failed to properly assess weather information until the morning of the accident on January 26, 2006.

Backstory: Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa claims pilot error and ‘pre-impact terrorism’ in new helicopter case

Understandably, this legal case has become a bit messy. But in this tragic statement, it is far from blaming the victims of this tragedy for their own deaths.

Each of these families is still mourning their loved ones. So this disobedient statement of the pilot’s family is the thing they need to hear

Kobe Bryant and the rest of these passengers deserve more respect than that. Rest in peace.

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