A relative of pilot Kobe Bryan’s passengers in a tragic accident in response to Vanessa Bryant’s lawsuit

A relative of pilot Ari Jobayn responded to an unnatural death case filed by Vanessa Bryant in February.

In response, Berg represented a relative of Joban, a 50-year-old pilot who died tragically in a helicopter crash on January 2, including Kobe Bryant, Jayana Bryant and six passengers, claiming the passengers were responsible for the fatal lives. The incident, according to documents obtained by people filed in Los Angeles on May 8th

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“Any injury or injury to the plaintiffs and / or their descendants was directly or partially caused by the negligence or fault of the plaintiffs and / or their heirs, including voluntary exposure to their knowledge and risk and this negligence was a significant reason for their alleged violation The accused is not responsible, ”he said.

According to Los Angeles-based court attorney Tom Lallas, the response was an ideal part of preparation for the trial of such a misdemeanor, and the response was filed “with extreme caution” by lawyers representing Jobayan.

“To protect all of your defense lawsuits, you should emphasize them as a positive defense when you file a response,” said People, managing partner of Levy, Small & Lalas. “This does not mean that the defense has any qualifications, or that there is a real basis for the defense, it simply means that the lawyer representing the defendant declares the defense that the lawyer believes he may be part of the case. Trial. “

Berg’s response, where Bryant’s daughters were listed as plaintiffs and also called for a jury trial, was reasonable: “Any injury or damage to the plaintiff and / or their descendants is direct or utter negligence, guilt and third party misconduct.” “This defendant could not control and did not have the right to control and the defendant is not liable for it. These actions or omissions comparatively reduce the percentage of negligence, guilt and / or liability if any of them are liable to the defendant.”

Barla’s legal team is “trying to retain the right to feel guilty, guilty, or liable to someone else, and this is just the classic insurance protection behavior 101,” Lalla reports.

“The first positive defense verdict in the United States is a failure to comply,” he added. “This does not mean that the first amendment to the complaint is not sued, only that the lawyers always want to have that positive defense.”

The tragic helicopter that crashed earlier this year had passengers on board: Kobe, Joyna, John Altobelli, Kerry Altobelli, Alice Altobelli, Sarah Chester, Peyton Chester and Christina Mauser.

Vanessa Bryant has filed a criminal lawsuit against the Island Express Helicopter Helicopter Company, which owns the plane, saying Ara Jobayan, who operated the plane at the time of the crash and died, “failed to properly monitor and assess the weather” before takeoff. “The flight failed to stop when he was aware of the cloudy situation” and “the helicopter failed to operate properly and safely, which led to the crash.”

The complaint further alleges that the helicopter company “knew or should have known” that the pilot had previously referred to the FAA for violating “minimum visual flight rules when flying in confined spaces due to weather conditions.”

The Bryant family has claimed total, economic and punitive damages.

The families of the victims of the crash also followed Vanessa’s lead and filed their own lawsuits against the helicopter company.

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