A new tennis tournament in France that involves young spectators

PARIS – The Digital Friendly Tennis Tournament will kick off in the top ten in southern France on Saturday, with an open discussion on whether the US Open or French Open could be held in New France later this year.

Co-founder Patrick Muratoglo hopes that in the first edition of the Ultimate Tennis Showdown (UTS), ATP finalist Stefano Sispius and US Open semifinalist Matteo Beretini can change the face of tennis by giving young spectators the opportunity to play.

“I want fans to have better access to the emotions of the players, especially in a court where the code of conduct is a significant conflict,” Muratoglo said. “UTS’s goal is to attract a new generation of young, more involved fans to grow its fanbase community.”

Players compete each week in a round robin format every Saturday, with their matches being streamed live on multiple screens, cameras and speakers that capture all eyesight and sound.

That’s the whole point: the viewer is given unprecedented access to every event that happens in the game. Expand raw materials without filtering.

The coach of 23-time Grand Slam winner Serena Williams, who co-founded UTS with Muratoglu’s Australian Alexei Poprin, also plays.

There is more interaction where court coaches are more motivated than frustrated by how they want to experience tennis in a faster tempo format.

“(Players) will be able to communicate with their fans in real time, share conversations between themselves and their coaches, and give them more free space through trial,” UTS said in a statement. “Contributes to the development of the audience; They can communicate with the player and ask questions about changes, see what is happening behind the scenes in the lives of the players, and listen to the coaches and players.

This could turn Benoit Pair into a global online star.

The 30-year-old Frenchman, ranked 22nd, is known for his explosive nature and often focuses on himself according to his case – unless he understands it, but sometimes the issue of intellectual stroke is worrying.

The event is being held at the Muratoglo Academy near Antibiotics on a sun-drenched French Riviera. Due to coronavirus restrictions, fans will not be allowed on the site. A safety protocol with social distance and a limited number of personnel has been established.

Also playing 10 levels David Goffin and the last member of the top ten will be announced this week. Others include: Felix Ager-Eliasim at No. 20; 5050 Richard Gasket; 58 58 Lucas Powell; And 23 239 Datin Brown.

Agar-Aliasim is the youngest at 19 and is exactly half the age of 20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer, with whom he shared his birthday on August 8.

Brown, the 19-year-old, defeated Rafael Nadal 19 times in the second round of Wimbledon five years ago.

Due to the convenient access to the tournament, several players live in Monaco, which is only 30 kilometers away along the coast.

The tournament is not part of the ATP Tour cycle and the format and rules have not yet been officially announced but the games themselves are expected to be short.

The prize money depends on the player’s rating and performance – the winner gets 70% and the loser 30%. According to UTS on the UTS website, players also have a part in the advertising ring and streaming of earnings.

The 21-year-old Cyprus is a tiring and emotionally prophetic player who appeals to youngsters, but he is also a turning point in the past, with players like John McInroe and Bjornberg wearing headgear.

The Greek player of the Long and Long Cup, who made it to the semifinals of the Australian Open last year and won five career titles, has been a member of the Muratoglo Academy since 2015.

“In 2017, as the world of 20203, I received a wild card in Sofia to challenge the anti-urban city at the academy,” Shipia said. “Three years later, I’m grateful for how far I’ve gone.”

Beretin set the rating last year thanks to the US Open ballot, where he won the trailer against champion Nadal in the first final – the final champion – in the semifinals.

The 24-year-old Italian is waiting to return to court after playing just two competitive games at the Australian Open this year and where he lost to tennis Sandgren in the second round.

“After a period of inactivity, I’m really hungry for competition,” Beretin said.

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