/A new mysterious closed beta multiplayer Resident Evil game has been announced

A new mysterious closed beta multiplayer Resident Evil game has been announced

Capcom has a number of large IPs under its control, but most are familiar with Resident Evil. The franchise of video games has been going on for almost two decades and we are getting ready for the next big installment release, Resident Evil Village. We don’t know the whole thing about the game and in reality, we should have more questions answered during an online showcase stream event set later this month. However, it seems that another big name in the works could be the Resident Evil game if it is not connected to the Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil is approaching the 25th anniversary of IP so we will get some exciting news and publish it this year. Similarly, this IPT is usually somewhat accessible before launching with Capcom to give different beta to the person who has signed up with the Ambassador program. The program is essentially a means of connecting some more die-hard resident evil fans with the latest news and potential beta invitations for the franchise. Now it looks like there is a new beta for fans to get a chance to play potential later this month.

The announcement comes from the Resident Evil website which warns fans that between January 28, 2021, and January 30, 2021, selected players will have the opportunity to try out a kind of closed beta for the game’s suffrage. We know nothing about this except that players need to have access to the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One platform. Also, according to Beater, it requires four to six players for one-of-a-kind multiplayer games.

The prospects for those who want to enjoy the game are slim. It looks like anyone with a Silver Rank or higher who is associated with the Resident Evil Ambassador program will also have the greatest chance of playing this beta. Hopefully, we’ll get some news on how this game beta is connected to Resident Evil Village or a standalone headline related to a certain past Resident Evil series.

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