A new couple is already working on a pregnancy drama

Paige and Chris are perfect on paper, but is her luggage getting caught up with her? Peak Credit: @ MuffsilTime / Instagram

Married on the first side is back in Atlanta to match 10 optimistic singles in a lifelong committed relationship.

Matches last season ended in a more successful marriage than a divorce, and experts hope this trend will continue.

Paige and Craig look great on paper

Season 12 brings a new couple that has prospered in their professional lives but not so much in their love life.

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Chris brings all the designer shoes he needs, from living in his car. He is a successful financial director and restaurant owner.

He has a master’s degree in accounting and is proud to own his own house.

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Not only are these a match when it comes to ambition, experts both felt they shared an important spiritual foundation. In their interviews, they both shared that they felt strongly that God had given them this opportunity.

However, since Chris is highly specialized in most matters, experts are concerned that he may have unrealistic expectations about his future bride.

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Pastor Cal voiced his concerns to other experts, saying, “I don’t know if what he likes is whether his wife fits in with his perfect figure.”

Caution, eliminating large plots in front

Chris revealed above the MAFS matchmaking special that he has been involved twice in the past – his most recent relationship ended just three months ago.

The season hasn’t started yet and the tea is already spreading. Peak Credit: @Mafsfan / Instagram

Like the other singles, the pastor asked Cal Chris, “Is there anyone who would be upset to see you if you got married?”

“There will probably be a bunch of people from the past,” he said with a laugh.

Although Pastor Cal tried to make sure there were no loose strings, the Instagram account @MofSafan said Chris found out that his ex-fianc পরে was pregnant after he married Paige.

The Instagram account further stated, “It is being speculated that his ex was pregnant before the marriage in the first seat.

The story between Chris and Pies is said to look very different this season. Peak Credit: @Mafsfan / Instagram

It doesn’t look good for the new pair because they will be filmed together and individually during the 8-week test.

Not only are we ex this season, newcomer Clara also revealed that a previous “booty call” also felt the need to contact her before her wedding.

Season 12 is still one of the craziest trials.

Do you think this season will end in a more successful marriage or divorce?

Lifetime 8 / 7c Wednesday, January 13 The first visit season 12 married in premiere.

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