A model and deputy mayor enjoyed life on the streets

Spending a night in a makeshift boarding house breaks Eli Gonsalves at that moment (Fighting with my family) In the upcoming third season of the reality series Dirty rich and homeless.

Brisbane-born model and actress Deputy Mayor Lorbon Arun Wood, Dr Andrew Roseford, prominent Pauline Nguyen and comedian Ciaran Lions joined for ten days without facilities, money, phone or home and joined nearly 11,000,000 homeless Australians. . The 2016 census.

Gonzalez returned to the street the next night thinking that the roof above his head would give him a break because he felt safe in Hyde Park. The pension was dirty. The bathroom, its shattered windows and its bedroom were also unlocked. He got drunk and shared the space with the aggressive men. Panicked, she sat crying in her bed, knowing how to catch him.

I didn’t want to go with any princess. “

The moment has just reached our screens. Gonzalez tried to put it together, but he forgot that the photographer could hear his microphone 24/7. “It’s like, ‘I know it’s so uncomfortable and you’re really upset. I don’t want to take advantage of your situation, but that’s what people need to see.’

He agreed. “It would be wrong to hide it.”

Eli Gonsalves, Arun Wood, Andrew Roseford, Pauline Nguyen and Siren Lyons pressed for a 10-day break from their disadvantaged lives. Photo: SBS

Gonzalez uses its substantial social media attraction, including just 1.3 million followers on Instagram, to support charities. “I’ve done a lot of mental health work since my father committed suicide,” said a World Wildlife Ambassador. “But being homeless is something I’ve relied on all my life to avoid.”

It was unbelievable to Gonzalez that women, who usually flee domestic violence, could be hiding in shelters. “And anyway, these places are expensive. Not only is anyone tearing up these people and putting homes in their homes that they don’t care about, but they’re happy to cram 10 people there and take their money. That’s right. “

Later, during a crisis, Gonzalez spoke to some foreign nationals, of whom up to 30% were homeless people born abroad. “Most of these women do not have access to passports or visas. They lived in a country where their husbands controlled their emotions or physically. “

The trans-house woman confronted with the trans witness was extremely emotional for Gonzalez. “It was heartbreaking to see someone stay away socially just because he wanted to be as good and generous as he was.”

Gonzalez came out as bisexual four years ago and it was a mostly positive experience. “I have never had such a helpful DM in my entire life. I mean there’s a bit of negativity but Eden is constantly holding him, abusing him, yelling at him, talking to him like a piece of junk. ”

According to the 2013 census, NSW experienced the highest growth, a 3 per cent increase over 2011, while Gonzalez Queensland’s home state grew 14 per cent. Wood’s home in Victoria grew 11 percent. He sat on the Melbourne Homeless Advisory Committee and felt that he was completely different from the numbers, but knew that reality would open his eyes.

What surprised him the most was how pessimistic it was to ask for coffee. “You feel totally B type,” he says.

You can see how all these experiences relate to food safety.

“And I started from the base that a lot of people on the street can only dream. I can only imagine what it would be like for a person to deal with mental health problems and addiction, trauma or domestic violence.

Lorbon Deputy Mayor Arun Wood (right) says the veteran has not changed his mind about illegal begging. Photo: SBS

It is illegal to beg in Melbourne, but despite his experience, Wood is not convinced that change is needed, and not just because of the amazing event of a neat Chinese begging ring last year.

“I thought maybe ‘OK, we need to get rid of the begging laws,’ but in a real sense, you don’t want people involved in aggressive or threatening behavior so they’ve moved away from the real victims, so it’s pretty intrusive,” he says. .

Instead, he said, people should focus on getting as much support as possible. There is no suitable solution for any size. Even the huge cash injections by the Victorian state government to bring moderate slippers to hotels during the COVID crisis are complicated.

(Embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkNkavV2cAE (/ embed)

“You often deal with very complex issues like drug and alcohol addiction and violent issues and address them in a place where people with less complex issues can present all sorts,” Wood says.

There is a deeper need for addiction and mental health care associated with a strong social housing building, he says.

Even if it is not a moral imperative, dealing with homelessness makes sense for so many levels, Wood insisted. “For every dollar you spend on housing, they pay back এই 3 for this community, because you have less treatment presentation, less domestic violence, less police commissioner, so many things that taxpayers spend.”

He hopes Australia can be unified. “I think there is a will. There are a variety of opinions here, I will never be ashamed of it, but a huge number of people think it is not good enough and it is time to document the government. “

Gonzalez agrees.

This is an issue we cannot ignore. “

She hopes her social media will help engage audiences who may not be involved with them Dirty rich and homeless. “As everything goes on in the situation of George Floyd in America, it is often seen that things are quite tough to bring about change in society.”

The same thing happens with Kavid, he says. “People are treating homeless people more now than ever before. So if the program encourages engagement in any way, whether it’s funded or their time, this is the first time we can all take amazing “

Dirty rich and homeless Agreed on SBS at 9:30 pm on 9th, 10th and 11th June

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