A huge long-eared lizard has now been established in Georgia as an invasive species

Atlanta, Ga. (Fox 5) – He is the largest lizard in the country and now says Georgia’s top criminal intelligence agency is in his hometown.

Black and white Argentine tegas have become a real threat to Georgia’s wildlife. According to the Department of Natural Resources, lizards have settled as a natural species in the states of Tombos and Tatonol in southeastern Georgia.

The Tegas, which can grow up to 4 feet tall and weigh 10 pounds or more, is a breeding ground for lizards already in South Florida, according to local DNR officials in South America.

Argentina Black and White (Stan Kirkland / Florida FWCC)

Although lizards are legal as pets in Georgia, they are not illegal to leave in the wild.

According to the Georgia Wildlife Resources Department, Tegas is not our natural habitat and it mixes with fake eggs and is known to be a threat to wild animals such as the hatching gopher tortoise. “Adult Tegas have a few animals and they can breed quickly. Females can reproduce up to 12 inches or during the second trimester. He can produce 35 eggs a year. “

Tegas feeds on ground-fed birds, quails and crabs, and eggs of other wildlife, such as American birds and marine giants.

The Department of Wildlife Resources of the DNR, the U.S. Geological Survey, and the University of Southern Georgia reportedly received a tagas after their observations and population observations.

According to the DNR Wildlife Resource Division, with black to gray backs and white stripes on the tail, these residues can weigh 10 pounds or more and live up to 20 years. Green clothing on the head, colors that last a little over a month.

In Georgia, Tegas can be contaminated by wild animals such as young children (which are protected) and large tumors, according to wildlife experts.


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