90-day fianc Lisa Hame burns to the ground on her first wedding anniversary

Lisa on 90 days ago. Peak Credit: TLC

90-day fianc Lisa Hamme: It’s no stranger to have a debate before 90 days.

The 52-year-old brush was reportedly fired from TLC for calling her husband, Usman Umar, N-Ward. He was also charged with embezzling 26 26,000 from Usman and threatening to kill himself if Usman released him.

Lisa denies the tragic claim, but that doesn’t mean she will soon become her ex with Uthman. Earlier today, Lisa took to Instagram to celebrate her first wedding anniversary in a very unusual way.

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Lisa posted the video on Instagram

Lisa showed off her wedding dress in a video posted on Instagram. “A gift for him on our first anniversary !!!! # The lowest female “she captioned the post.

Fans responded to the dramatic video in various ways instead of Lisa.

“I’m sure he doesn’t take care of the baby girl,” one commented.

“অর্ 40 of your earnings goes !!!” Another wrote.

Some fans, however, seemed to be in favor of Lisa. “You finally rejoiced in peace,” commented a third follower.

Others were only concerned with safety. The clothes were completely engulfed in flames within a very short time of Lisa burning, it seemed to be burning unnaturally quickly. “Why are the clothes so shiny?” Wrote a worried fan.

This is actually the second time Lisa has used her wedding dress as a prop in an Instagram video. Two weeks ago, he posted a video of himself throwing in a trace while lip-syncing with the phrase, “You think I’m dramatic.”

It appears the divorce was not final

Although Lisa is clearly married, it seems that her divorce from Uthman has not been finalized.

In her “You Think I’m Dramatic” video, Lisa wrote, “I’m still waiting and ready to sign …” In the dress-burning video, she says, “Send me my divorce papers!” Thanks! “

Lisa further said that she has moved in with another person, although she has not yet given fans many details about her.

Usman has clearly moved on সম্ভবত perhaps the 90-day Fianian star was caught flirting with Brittany Banks on Instagram last week, which came as a surprise to 90-day viewers.

Lisa and Usman did not return to the B90 strike and no plans for a new appearance at TLC were announced, so fans will have to continue the drama on social media.

90 Day Engagement: There is currently a break from TLC before 90 days.

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