8 starting pitcher Blue J could target the next business

When the Toronto Blue Jays acquired Cols Taijuan Walker, starting from the Seattle Mariners on Thursday, it signaled that their trade would begin rather than expire.

Following the move, general manager Ross Atkins said he was fielding at the moment that the calls were “non-stop” and expressed interest in continuing the club’s run-resistance. In all likelihood, this means the team is looking to climb into another starting pitcher. With Matt Schumacher, Nate Pearson and Trent Thornton in the IL, the Blue Joyce still has just four starts – although they have the option to convert to one of their more extended-reliever.

The bullpen is often not very stiff, but it is unreasonable to assume that the group has entered. It has shrunk the bench and also hit the team offense. And a reliable starter will make this team a better world.

Although Walker is a real renter, Blue Joyce has probably been most interested in rolling additions to controls for more than 2020, and conventional non-conventional ones have made the call more vulnerable to injury. They have already taken this immersion with Walker, it is very difficult for them to double up. Instead, it seems reasonable to assume that they will want someone who can help them take one more step in 2021 and possibly beyond.

With that in mind, which callus makes logical targets for the club? Here are some of the ones that make the most sense:

Big Fish: Lance Lin, Texas Rangers

How it works: There’s no box that doesn’t tick from the Lynn Blue Zeiss perspective.

Last season, the big right-hander rallied in a huge 6.8 War season and rose to where he left off in 2020. Right now he sits at 1.59 ERA in 45.1 innings. His FIP is more reasonable 3..13, but he has missed out on controlling his gait (9.93 k / 9) and his communication management metrics are impressive.

The 33-year-old also has a great team-friendly deal that he made just $ 8 million the following season. He will be a great fit alongside Hyun-Jean Rear at the top of the Blue Jays rotation. Even from a stylistic point of view, Rue’s fine-focused arsenal from left to right of his fastball-heavy approach will sharply contrast the arsenal. He is capable of making a heavy work pressure hole. His 208.1 innings last season ranked seventh among the majors and this year he is second only to Shane Bieber in the division.

It’s hard to find a bad side here, and the transaction is exploring the idea of ​​removing Lin. What Texas wants in exchange for its top starter is the combination of ic lin’s production and his paycheck has made him a hell of a trade chip and that is because there are so many teams in the seller market – especially in the National League.

If Neil Zed has to go this route, it will take on an important kind of package for young players who have not yet left the team in the Atkins-Shapiro era. This does not mean that it is a pipe dream. On Thursday, Atkins made it clear that Blue Joyce’s powerful farm system could have run for their “every player”.

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Explicit fit: Trevor Williams, Pittsburgh Pirates

How it works: With an intimate knowledge of the Blue Joyce juvenile-league system at the Pirates Front office, led by former Toronto executive Ben Cherrington, the two teams have made it a clear trade partner. Pirates are clear sellers, they have some arms known to be looking at the Blue Jays and they know what they are getting with any prospect of the Blue Jays, this is especially valuable in a season where evaluating young talent is a difficult task.

These reasons are no guarantee that an agreement has been reached between the two clubs, but they lay the groundwork for something to happen here. The most obvious deal for the brokers of these parties is the trading center around Williams.

Although the 26-year-old is not the top of any rotation type, he has been a constant presence in pirate rotation for years. From 2017 to 2019 he gave the Pirates 4613.2 innings 4.13 ERA balls – good for a 6.2 fight.

Williams was knocked out on Wednesday (scoring eight runs in six innings), which boosted his ERA to an ugly 53.34, but he has a lot to choose from this season. For one, he raised his strikeout rate in 2017.287-201 from better-average-average to health.7171 than below.8787. It’s hard to know what the real thing is because it’s not fast, and none of its moving numbers have changed in a way that implies that its staff is different. Whether or not his improvement among the missing bats maintains itself, right-handedness continues to affect his ability to force poor communication.

The right-hander’s average departure speed of +86.2 miles per hour is 29th + 22nd out of 139 pitchers with batted ball events – a better ranking than any Blue win. He was allowed just three barrels in 30.1 innings, resulting in a barrel rate of 2.2 percent – better than the ninth-best in the aforementioned pattern of 139 pitchers. For reference, the man he wants to meet for, the shoe maker, did eight in just 25.1 innings this year. This is also a long-term skill, as in each of the previous three seasons, Wright’s exit speed has been 68 percent or better.

From a contractual standpoint, Williams is in control of the team until 2022, with two more arbitration-eligible years. He is making 2.725 million this year and has substantial earnings figures, but bargaining remains.

Williams won’t be a flashy ad, but he’s the kind of player who will bring some stability to the blue zeal in their first five. He also has quite a character and rushing to follow Twitter gives him a chance to achieve fan-favorite status.

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Moved to Outer Box: Usey Kikuchi, Seattle Mariners

How it works: When you’re in the thick of the playoff race, trading for a pitcher with a 6.30 ERA isn’t exactly intuitive. Neither is making a third contract in a row with a team. That said, Kikuchi’s appeal is more than just an eye-opener.

The 29-year-old battled hard in his rookie season in 2019, making just 0.2 innings in 161.2 innings. He looked like a bad investment for the Mariners’ part in 2020, but he’s got a whole new call this season.

Kikuchi’s fastball averaged 94.9 miles per hour from 92.5 miles per hour, he added a cutter, which threw 43.1 percent of that time. The Heaters shook 29.9% of the clip in it and only slagged at .289. He also completely eliminated his ineffective curveball (slugging towards .2016). This is a total arsenal modification.

The ugly ERA that came as a result does not reflect how he is pulling. His FIP is just 2.56, his strikeout rate jump is incredible (6.46K / 9 to 9.45), and he’s still not allowed to run home. He still couldn’t accept the barrel and has a hard hit rate compared to the th9th percentile, suggesting you don’t run Ira for harsh communication. Instead, it is explained by Flukey .400 / .526 / .467 that he is allowed to be in the scoring position with the runners, leaving him with only 50 per cent of the bat. Feeling safe to assume that will not continue.

Now is the time to properly buy a new Kikuchi because he pre-breakup and the price tag can be more reasonable. The complex issue here is his agreement, which is both obsolete and significant. Kikuchi will be paid $ 15 million in 2021, then there is a team option to choose from a four-year 66 million option. If that is denied, the Japanese South could pick up a ১৩ 13 player option for 2022. There are plenty of variables out there, and there’s no risk of catching a team, especially since you’re betting on Kikuchi? Staff more than its previous production.

Despite this hurdle, Kikuchi’s arrow indicates he’s a present and future upgrade, and now may be the best time to try and fold him – and lock in a reasonable deal if he performs. He has seen that player Neil Joe closely in the past.

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Consider other names:

Dylan Bundy, Los Angeles: Bundy has gone to the breakout star in the annoying innings-itar from the possibility of a hotshot. It’s quite a rollercoaster, but if you buy his move in 2020, he’s got his age (227) and in 2021 the arbitral status is moving in his favor.

Marco Gonzalez, Seattle Mariners: Gonzalez has recorded .1.1 wars in the last two seasons and his wild-reasoned four-year, 30 million deal began next year. Because of that agreement, it would have been expensive to ship him.

Andrew Haney, Los Angeles: Hani’s health has been in question for years, but he missed the bat with his high spin fastball and he was a great mid-quality man as a 201 rot recently. He was Arab-eligible in 2021 for 4.3 million. Salary

Matthew Boyd, Detroit Tigers: Boyd is battling this season (6.46 ERA a 5.55 FIP), but he’s coming in three seasons where he’s at the top of the 2nd and his staff looks basically the same looks the former Neil Jay could represent a low-chance The team is in control.

Chad Kuhl, Pittsburgh Pirates: The other pirate starter that might be suitable for the Blue Jays throws harder than Williams and misses more bats, but he doesn’t match the consistency or durability on the right. He is also Arab-eligible by 2022.

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