8 out of 14 new coronavirus cases in NSW affiliated with City Tetrasols Club

NSW has confirmed 14 new coronavirus cases as elderly nursing homes in Sydney and the Central Coast are locked to protect vulnerable residents.

NSW Health said Saturday that 24,6332 tests were conducted during the 24-hour reporting period, up from 30,262 in the previous 24 hours, NSW Health said Saturday.

As of 8pm on Friday, 14 of the 14 new cases involved a hotel final expatriate, 10 linked to a known case or cluster, and three received from locally unknown sources.

Associated with eight Sydney CBD clusters, the total number of cases on the hotspot has risen to 23.

NSW Health is investigating whether it has spread to workplaces in cities and families across Sydney and the Central Coast, from the City Tetrasols Club Gym.

Two of the most recently recorded infections were domestic contact in a previously reported case, three participated in the City Tetrasall Club, and three had close contact with individuals associated with the cluster.

Further investigation revealed that a case reported on Friday also involved the bunch.

Authorities are asking those who attended the club between August 4 and 18 to be tested for COVID-19 and isolated until negative test results are obtained to help identify previous and potentially unsolved cases.

The CBD cluster on Friday night requested NSW Health to advise CSN and the Mid-Coast Elderly Care Homes to lock up for two weeks without leaving any visitors.

As a precaution, “NSW Health is increasing existing visitor restrictions by strongly advising people living or working in the greater Sydney metropolitan area and the Central Coast to refrain from elderly care opportunities until 12 September.”

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That means there is no visit on Father’s Day on September 6th.

“There is no evidence of a case in the case of elderly care residents or staff in elderly care facilities at NSW. These are precautionary measures to prevent COVID-19 from entering this vulnerable setting, “the statement said.

NSW police have also confirmed that 12 security guards have been fired for failing to enforce standards at Sydney’s quarantine hotels.

A new committee will be set up to look after security and cleanliness in hotels.

The evacuation of about 400 guests at the Travels Hotel in Surrey Hill this week was followed by the removal of two security guards who took positive tests at the Marriott Hotel in Cayte, the standard of sanitation.

The genomic sequencing of the virus from the CBD cluster did not reveal any link to the security guard case at Marriott.

NSW Health is treating 67 KVID-19 cases, including six intensive care units and four ventilators.

Authorities have issued new warnings for the following locations:

Archie Beer Cafe, Mosman Rovers – August 24 (11.00 am to 12.00 noon) and August 25 (9:00 am to 9.30 am)
Roseberry Post Shop, 371 Gardeners RD, Roseberry – 26 August (1: 30-1: 40 pm)
St. Ives Shopping Center, 166 Mona Valley RD, St. Ives – August 24 (3:30 to 3:30 p.m.)
24,632 tests were completed in the last 24 hours, a significant decrease from the previous day’s 30,282.

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