50+ incredible single player games of this console generation

Current trends in gaming may indicate a decline in the great single player experience. Some may say that there is a greater push to watch multiplayer-focused video games, including game modes, mimicking the success brought to the public by PUBG or Fortnite. That being said, we’re still hoping to see brand new IPs and new installments for some of our favorite single player promotional narrative video game titles.

If you want to enjoy something new without having to jump online or gather a bunch of friends, check out our list below. We’ve compiled thirty of our favorite single player video game titles that have been released on this latest generation of consoles. Hopefully, you will find something new to play. Also, we do not have a specific ranking list as this list will be updated frequently. So feel free to leave a comment below your own top ranking games according to your own opinion so people check out.

# 51 Our last 2 parts

The Last of Us was such a global hit that fans were eager to sink into the world again by returning Joel and Eli after the game was over. Naughty Dogs really puts a great emphasis on their games, not only in higher detail, but also in narrative-driven. Lots of people are eager to get their hands on a copy of each release from the studio, but more than that, with The Last of You Part 2, fans finally got a chance to immerse themselves in our last world in June 2020 and this game is one of the first installment events. Goes a few years later.

Eli is now an older woman, and it seems that life has begun to slow down. Joel and Eli live in a prosperous city and their lives are threatened by new hostile groups. Eli embarked on a journey again that seemed to be motivated by anger and revenge against the seemingly all adversity and again his reasoning behind this journey. We’ll certainly do some damage here, but both Last of You Remastered and The Last of Us Part 2, available on the PlayStation 4, are really missing out if you own a console platform and still don’t want to play these games.

# 50 Death Stranding

Death Stranding was quite a hype-up video game title. It comes from the world-renowned video game developer, Hideo Kozima, just after the public split from his time in Kanami. The developer brought several popular video game titles in the past and was going to pick up the favorite Silent Hill franchise to take IPT. Although that game was canned in the studio with Hideo Kozima’s location, we have Death Stranding. This is the title released from Cobima Productions and a global set of players after an event that has changed so much of humanity.

The players in this game are basically a deliveryman who works in a world that has supernatural elements. However, the game plays a big role in how you manage your inventory. You need to carefully place your packages to your hero before entering the hard terrain tracks. Of course, the story can be complicated by the fact that Hideo is also Kojima, and several blockbuster face images have surfaced throughout the campaign. If you accept a copy, we must refrain from saying anything to spoil the adventure we are about to embark on.

# 49 Doom is eternal

After re-booting the software into Doom’s 201 reb, the development team continued to develop a sequel to Doom Eternal after receiving the software with great success. The gameplay is basically intact but only built into it. Players will still tear through monsters but now they will have a new array of powers and weapons such as a shaking system. Even a feature has been added to the game that will allow the monster to visually display the victim from the time of the injury.

The game still features Doom Slayer bringing all sorts of monstrous scams, with the story leaving Doom 2016 where the story unfolded. Now Hell on Earth has been liberated and the only thing to stand in its way is our favorite Space Marine. One particular feature that fans may be interested in in this particular installment is the post-launch content that the developers are bringing to the game. With Doom 2016, the game was launched without any further content for players to enjoy the title. As a result, they knew that after Doom Eternal, players would need some updates to enjoy their new challenges or content after finishing the main campaign.

# 48 Final Fantasy 7 remake

Final Fantasy 7 is not just a fan-favorite video game installment in the Final Fantasy franchise, but it has become a iconic RPG title in general. Overall, the game follows a tenant named Cloud Strife who is working with a group to shut down corrupt Shinra megacorporations. At the beginning of the PlayStation 4 Lifecycle, we knew that Square Enix would bring a remake but it wouldn’t be until 2020 that we got the first part of this game. This is not a complete game, instead the title is an episodic journey and at the time of writing we are not sure how many installments we will make a full remake ure. Instead of being a traditional themed turn-based RPG, this game is an action RPG with game mechanics similar to the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

# 47 Out Worlds

From the developers, Obisidian Entertainment comes to Action RPG, Outer Worlds. It’s clear that these developers could come up with some great content and after spending time with the Fallout franchise, the studio was looking for fans to give them a similar experience as they were in Fallout New Vegas. Overall, the game follows a hero who was destined for space with a group of others hoping to reach a planet to colonize others.

When their ship set sail, the crew and Christie were lost forever. It was not until then that the scientist who had been identified as insane was able to locate the ship and rescue you in the hope that you would bid him farewell which would eventually reveal the rest of the crew of a corrupt ruling agency as well. Meanwhile, players also have the ability to stay with the agency and assist in the capture of the scientist. The game is all about exploring, visiting unique planets, meeting locals, transforming your character, and turning the story around.

# 46 Resident il Will 3

The remake of Resident Evil 2 was such a huge success that it’s no surprise that Capcom is going to continue that trend with the remake of Resident Evil 3, now, this third installment wasn’t as long as Resident Evil 2 and it has two characters No. Instead, it was more of a cinematic piece when Capcom originally developed the title, keeping the progress of the story a bit more linear. In the narrative, the players soon take on the role of Jill Valentine, a resident of Resident Evil, who is researching the Umbrella Corporation in the hope that he will be able to bring the company down legally.

However, during his investigation, the virus spread to Raccoon City to silence Jill once and for all, threatening a new bioopon. The game follows Jill as she tries to flee the city and can understand what the umbrella actually is. Like previous Resident Evil games, it is a survival horror gameplay experience with a variety of enemies, lots of resources to explore and solve puzzles.

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