343 Industries latest Halo Infinite delays and rumors of platform release have spread

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Hello is one of the biggest exclusives for the Xbox brand that Microsoft has. The video game franchise was relaunched with development studio Bungi on the original Xbox platform. Over the years we’ve seen several installments release both mainline and spin-off. However, after so many days Bungi took a leave of absence from IP to start work on their next project Destiny. This prompted Microsoft to take action against 343 Industries and bring voting rights under control. Xbox One, Hello 5: With the release of their first game exclusively on the market, parents, fans weren’t all excited about the direction the studios were taking this IPT.

As a result, going back and providing a new experience was probably a big priority but Bungie will be familiar with the foundation work he did for IPT. It was an annoying game with fans during their next big release, Hello Infinity, E3 2019 While we were all hoping to see some gameplay footage of the title, instead we had a movie trailer to help keep expectations high Time will tell, however, that this did not happen due to an outbreak of the coronavirus health epidemic.

Still, we finally got the gameplay footage from a stream hosted by Microsoft in July of this year. That gameplay footage did not live up to the expectations of fans of 343 Industries. There were a few graphical issues that popped up and the next generation Hello title didn’t seem to match the hardware power that was able to deliver a quality level console of what it should be. As a result, rumors have surfaced online that explain why developing studios are lagging behind with game projects.

343 Industry has closed the rumor and returned the statement. However, the latest in a series to begin the journey around the web is that Hello Infinite could be pushed further back with a launch set to launch in 2022. Likewise, it will coincide with the announcement of the Xbox cancellation. Twitter account taken.

Hey Eric – we see lots of fake “leaks” out there, so please don’t believe what you read. We have no plans to release the 2021 or change the devices and platforms we will support. We’re building Halo Infinity to be the best it can be on every device / platform

– John Junisek (জুনunisek) August 25, 2020

John claims that these leaks are nothing more than false rumors. There are no plans to bring the game back in 2022. Instead, you can see Hello Infinite coming to market in 2021 for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Source: Twitter

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