343 Industries Community Manager confirms Hello Infinite will launch Xbox One

There has been quite a bit of hype building up for Hello Infinity. The next thrilling installment for the fans was already to be released in the market. In fact, it was set as a launch title for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, however, it was clear that the studio needed more time and, as a result, the game was pushed back.

If you don’t remember, there were rumors of Hello Infinity being a gameplay trailer during Elo 2019 F fans were expecting this trailer, but when E3 came around and all we received was a cinematic trailer. Nevertheless, 343 Industries has confirmed that a gameplay trailer will be released during E3 2020. All of us know that health has never come due to an epidemic outbreak.

As a result, it was a little later than the scheduled E3 event before finally seeing the Hello Infinite gameplay footage during the Microsoft Xbox Series X Stream. Fans were disappointed again because the title did not look like the next generation Hello game. There was a visual error and lack of detail from the footage that fans expected when the game was launched. This eventually led to an online backlash against Microsoft and 343 Industries.

Microsoft and 343 Industries have decided to delay the game beyond 2020 and set a launch window for the fall of 2021. Order to make sure the platforms are doing well is just a rumor that was debunked on Twitter.

John Junisek, director of the community of 343 Industries, responded to a tweet with rumors that the tweet had since been removed, but John’s reply was still available. According to the community director, we can expect Hello Infinity to enter the market alongside the Xbox One platform.

Source: VGC, Twitter

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