21st Wedding Anniversary with David and Victoria Beckham throwback photo

David and Victoria Beckham paid tribute to each other by choosing invisible pictures of each other on their 21st wedding anniversary.

The two stars went on social media this morning to share an intimate video montage of the history of their relationship.

The pair thanked each other for their four children and a happy life, adding 46-year-old Victoria: “I love you more every day.”

He headlined his touching post: “David Beckham @ Happy Anniversary ❤️❤️❤️ I can’t believe it’s been 21 years since we said ‘I do’.

“Four kids, four dogs, so much laughter and I love you every day. xxxxxx. “

Meanwhile, 45-year-old David kept an eye on Victoria when his posh spice turned into ego in Spice Girls.

Revealing that he was with fellow footballer Gary Neville at the time, David wrote: “Just 23 years ago I was sitting in a room with Gary Neville and Spice Girls was on TV and I turned to him and said‘ ohhh I like it. In a small black catsuit it is a 😄

“Who would have thought that after all these years we are celebrating 21 years of marriage and have the most beautiful and perfect 4 children.

David and Victoria Beckham in the 2014 WireImage

“Thank you and happy anniversary I love you ♥ ️ @ VictoriaBecham.”

She first paid homage to the moment of her humanity by setting her video montage on Spice Girls’ hit “Say You Bill Stay” with footage from Victoria’s alleged music video on Catsuite.

Other footage included unseen clips of Victoria and sweet photos with their kids – including a black and white snap sitting on any sofa and looking fresh faces as they sipped their cocktails together.

Victoria’s post was set to the music of family friend Sir Elton John “about something to look forward to tonight”.

David and Victoria together mother and father from 21-year-old Brooklyn, 17-year-old Romeo, 15-year-old Cruz and eight-year-old Harper.

Romeo first wished them a happy birthday, posting a picture of them enjoying dinner together with his parents with the caption: “Happy birthday ️ ️ I hope you have a beautiful day XXXXXX love @ Davidbackham!”

Meanwhile, Brooklyn was finally able to return home from the United States after being “stuck” with her family for three months due to a lockdown.

Elderly Beckham’s baby flew home to the family’s Cotswolds mansion earlier this week, having previously eaten food for his son since he was with his girlfriend Nicola Peltz in Victoria America.


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