Ference creates telecommunications for parents on issues related to local nonprofit social reform

Washington, NC. (WNCT) – The Inner Banks Stem Center is opening up conversations with people in the community, focusing on social reform issues. People across the country staged a teleconference to address non-profit racial injustice. The panel includes officials from law enforcement, healthcare and other agencies. Al Powell, president of the IBX Stem Center, believes … Read more

Google Meets 16-User Tiled Layout, Chrome Tab Sharing

With video conferencing skyrocketing due to COVID-19, Google G Suite is putting a lot of pressure on Met users. After rolling out Gmail integration last week, Google Meet is now adding a tiled layout for greater call, low-light mode, and sound cancellation. Original 4/27: In response to increased demand, Google has “increased engineering support for … Read more

The ‘Close Share’ beta test has been officially confirmed for Android

After numerous leaks and several accidental mentions over the past year, Google is finally making “close sharing” official. While the feature isn’t ready to launch yet, Google has confirmed that near-sharing is coming soon and even better, already bringing some beta to Android users. What is “sharing nearby”? Basically, it’s Google’s version AirDrop, a very … Read more

The latest trailer for Mortal Kombat 11 focuses on scorpion moves, power and more.

Nathalelam Studios has released a new trailer centering on the iconic character, Scorpio. “Arrive here with Mortal Combat Veterans Ketchup and mustard to learn tips and tricks related to scorpions for everything from bread and butter to basic combos for Nuru.” The new trailer mentioned above breaks down Scorpio, one of the most memorable characters … Read more

The more cybersecurity tools an enterprise deploys, the less effective their defense is

The enterprise is slowly improving its response to cybersecurity incidents, but in the same breath it is still investing in many tools that could actually reduce defense effectiveness. On Tuesday, IBM released the results of a global survey conducted by the Ponman Institute and highlighted the responses of more than 3,400 security and IT workers … Read more