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The first half of 2020 will have a memorable history not only to test the world, but to bring it together more than any other event in a generation. For creative global leaders, who are always confronted with different trends in their business, Covid-19 is available worldwide. As the world enters a time of recovery and renewal, these creative leaders will be confident in helping to guide users in a thoughtful and effective way.

Keka Morelle
CCO, Wonderman Thompson Brazil
As in: Sao Paulo

From being the first CCO to the recently mixed Wonderman Thompson Brazil: “Working for seven months now, falling victim to the epidemic will be a challenge for us as a new entity, but now is the time for prosperity, because the fusion process we have worked on so far has ended.”

Organizational change from the heart: “On the one hand, it’s a great opportunity to connect with our customers and make great contributions, but we have to be open, have different skills, be creative. And construction. “

Instructions for creative creatives: “Use your service to help people and the world. Help our business become more diverse, more creative and more secure.”

Final Instructions on Exclusion: “The world has gone through a difficult time, but we need to think together with more generosity, more love and more respect.”

Vivian Yates and Ian Tombs
ECD, Weiden + Kennedy Shanghai
Based: Shanghai

Recent work: Nike’s first Chinese New Year’s announcement about Hike Bao’s direction – relatives were given a red envelope of money. “Beneficiaries will not be productive, but donors will continue to think,” Young said. “So our team transformed this trait into a fight between a stubborn young woman and her aunt for more than ten years. We have got a culture that is familiar to many and has a tradition that has nothing to do with fun and sports for fun. “

About China Business Challenges: “Advertising has been exciting here in the past about advertising, but local businesses and CEOs are tired of giving up their money,” says Tombos. Expensive licenses, “” Our goal is to use technological advances to create the first global celebrities who prefer to rely on celebrities who don’t believe in fast-paced action. ”

Jugi Ramakrishnan
CCO, Memak Ogilvi (United Arab Emirates)
Based: Dubai

Personal effects of 19: “I was caught on May 2 at Covid-19 and still have a fever, chills, pain and suffering all day. It didn’t bring me home without feeling anything. Has added to our insecurity and insecurity. I will never let you go without telling your neighbors how much you love them. “

Recent work: International launches for Expo 2020 Dubai, as well as a few IKEA campaigns, including “Bulling a Plant” and “A Book That Will Change Your Life.”

On his international journey with Ogilvy: “I have been in Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore with Ogilvi before. I took the 2017 Sabbath day to travel and travel around the world with my wife. When we were done in 2018, I went to my former employer to see if they were still responsible for me. It turns out they did – in the Middle East. ”

Fura Johannesdotier
Design Director, Huge
According to: London

Recent work: “One of the things I enjoy about working with McDonald’s is helping to transform them into more centralized drives and distribution systems. It was a great job that has a big impact. Now for their business. “

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