2020/21 | The best fantasy Premier League defenders to sign in are FPL tips

There is no time to consider the many more fixtures of the Premier League coming to the fore this weekend of the new Fantasy Premier League promotion.

Defenders are increasingly important in the modern game – and later the FPL – as full-backs continue to expand the boundaries of how far they can bomb at any given time.

Liverpool pair Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson have proved without a doubt that they deserve a place in your squad but a few cheap options have come up to exploit you.

However, at the end of the day, defenders can still rack up clean sheets. There is no point in leaving the league-beat behind if they play for a team with too many leaks.

Burnley is always a word option, if you’re interested in solid six-pointers with goals and help your defenders, when Sheffield United were at the top last season.

Check out our Fantasy Premier League tips for defenders in 2020/21.

Matt Doherty (Tottenham) £ 6.0m

The Wolf Defenders provided their managers with a solid, steady feed of clean sheets for the last time, Doherty added lots of goals and ists helping with that solid defensive record.

Doherty’s premium price tag raised eyebrows at the start of the season but justified the cost of returning four goals, eight assists and 12 cleanups.

With Tottenham, Doherty will be encouraged to maraud at will to the right, and while disciplining his left to stay behind.

Charlie Taylor (Burnley) £ 4.5m

Burnley dropped the last 15 clean sheets, the second highest in the league, and the Clarits survived the mid-table bliss in 2020 without a touch of any kind of fight.

Last season, Taylor played just under 2,000 minutes and scored more points than the entire pre-season promotion (3,240 minutes). Hopefully he will play more and take a bigger step next time with the great Nick Pope in the sticks.

If Burnley invests a bit more than in previous seasons, they could be set for a more impressive promotion.

Trick Mitchell (Crystal Palace) £ 4.0m

It’s always a good idea for a bargaining bucket defender to take fifth place in your squad.

A number of options they have presented themselves, but Mitchell is seen as the best of the left-backs as he has been seen campaigning for Palace

Even when the Dutchman returns to training, he has featured in most of the Palace games as a full back start in place of Patrick van Anholt.

Mitchell may be a short-term option, but at 4.0m, it is wise to have at least one player to start the debate.

Kiaran Tierney (Arsenal) £ 5.5m

Stuart McFarlane / Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Injuries plagued Terni throughout most of the season, but his stock increased significantly as a result of the lockdown break and subsequent re-launch.

The Scottish full-back took a number of assists and scored, opposing all sorts of opponents ’problems in a few more wicked distributions.

Tierre’s performances have not always translated into big-point content, but Arteta is certainly improving at Arsenal and he can be expected to be there as Doherty chooses at the end of the next promotion.

John Egan (Sheffield United) £ 5.0m

Sheffield United may not have had the best time of the lockdown late last season, but that doesn’t mean they should be written off. Take a look at the five fixers that open them and tell me they are not owned.

Egan is a nailed starter for the Blades and sits at just 5. 5.0 million, which means you don’t have to break the bank for him.

He’s a defense-first center-back who can probably grab your third defender slot or maybe you’re becoming the second attacking team, even your second.

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