19 Disney Show Best Shows Now (August 2020)

Last updated: 2920 August

There is no arguing that Disney + is full of great stuff. It contains (almost) Disney animated movies. It features the first live-action Star Wars TV show Mandorian. It includes original content from National Geographic, the entire Pixar Library, Disney’s classic live-action family movies, and more.

With over 600 series and movies in its library, there are almost too many to choose from at Disney +. We are here to help. These programs are nostalgic favorites or new to you, Disney + has plenty of quality TV. Here are the best shows of the new streaming service.

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Boy Meets World

Seven Seasons listeners Corey Mathews (Ben Savage), his off-the-shelf girlfriend Topanga (Daniel Fischel), his older brother Eric (Will Friedel) and his best friend Shawn (Ryder Strong) have moved to middle school, watched school and college, usually With the help of their teacher / principal / friend, Mr. Fenny (William Daniels). While Boy Meets World tackles major issues such as divorce, child abuse and underage drinking, it’s a sweet and fun TGIF head that has gained an army of fans – a spinoff, Girl Meets World, also available on Disney +

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Agent Carter

After the tragic crash of Captain America at the end of World War II, Haley Atwell, a spin-off of Marvel’s Captain America films, plays the role of Agent Carter Peggy Carter, the love of Captain America’s life. Now, Agent Carter has virtually hampered his fight against the new nuclear threat. After a career in New York, however, he still moved to Los Angeles for his most dangerous assignment. Working in the bright light of Hollywood, she needs all the help and cunning of her new friends and allies to face her most naughty threat.

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Marvel fugitive

Marvel Runways is set at the edge of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, centered on the origins of the Marvel teen superhero group Runaways. There’s no Iron Man or Thor here – just six extraordinary teenagers from Los Angeles come together to defeat their wicked, criminal parents as a collective arrogance. After stumbling upon a horrible secret and discovering their parents to be lying all their lives, their parents are fleeing for what they are after and what they may be hiding from investigative teen show expert EP Josh Schwartz (The OC, Gossip Girl) , Ks runs along the great line between Runways Superhero Glam and Teen Angst

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Darkwing duck

Day by day, Drake Mallard is a regular suburban man who hates his adopted daughter Gosalin. At night, he spends the night in Darkwing Duck, a masked superhero who fights crime alongside his pilot sidekick, launchpad McCack. Of course, sometimes Darkwing’s arrogance gets in the way of stopping the villains, but when the push comes he’s not the only hero that St. Canard needs. He is the worthy hero of St. Canard

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Unlike other Disney afternoon cartoons, Gargoyles was not afraid to go dark. Gargoyles ’deep and narrow characters, serialized plot lines and pitch-black tones don’t seem too small today, but there were no cartoons like that at the time (Give or Take Batman: Animated Series). While some people in the third season were suffering from changes in the background, the first two are still holding on. If you have Disney +, that’s enough to revisit them.

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Gravity shower

When the Hawkers, who run The Mystery Shack, the No. 1 tourist trap on Dipper and Moble Pines Gravity Falls, decide to spend the summer with their great uncle Stan, they have no idea what they are up to. Gravity Falls is like a kid-friendly mashup for X-Files and Twin Picks. It’s part of the thrilling and hilarious equal and one of the best cartoons of the last 20 years. You’ll come to Gravity Falls ‘a long-running mystery and bizarre creature, but it’s a delightful character that will keep you around. Gravity Falls is weird, but its heart is pretty sure.

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Hannah Montana

During the day, she’s a regular teenager, Miley Stewart. At night, she’s international pop star Hannah Montana – and almost no one knows her secret. Trouble? Oh, it is. Not only did Hannah Montana launch Miley Cyrus ’career (and her real-life and on-screen father Billy Ray helped revive Cyrus), it was also the highest-rated show in Disney Channel history. If you grew up with Miley, Disney + gives you the perfect opportunity to revisit the series: each episode is now available on Disney +.

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The first live-action Star Wars series was a start to surprise and things will only get worse as time goes on. In this groundbreaking series by Iron Man director John Favreau, Pedro Pascal travels through the basement of the Star Wars Universe as a Warriors fighter, fighting against ex-Imperial warriors, former rebel shock trophies, assassin Druids and all the others. Er-du-Wales’. Featuring the talents of Warner Herzog, Nick Nolte, Gina Carano, Giancarlo Esposito and Taica Weitti – and right in front of the camera – it’s something special.

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Phineas and Ferb

Stepbreads Phineas and Farber are going to have the best summer vacation they can do, the only way they know how: create ridiculous and extremely dangerous contractions in their backyard and avoid the wrath of their older sister Candace. Phineas and Farb have the same energy as the family guy (co-creator Dan Povenmeier worked on Fox’s animated sitcom), but it’s not nearly like Ranchi, it leads to a show that the whole family can enjoy. This is a great time to catch Pinius and Farb: this Spain of movies, Candace Against the Universe, will hit Disney + later this month.

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Funny Home Video of America

Before the internet, stupid videos went viral through funny home videos in America. After 30 asons and the advent of the Internet, AFV is not an appointment to watch at all, but there is a huge vault of Disney + episodes that will bring you back to more innocent times if you catch kids, pets and adults. There was really something on tape in the unfortunate situation. Just because you can scroll through thousands of viral videos on social media doesn’t mean you can find some of the old-school AFV gems.

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Very strange

So Strange has never been the biggest Disney Channel series, but over the years it has become a cult classic. The title tells you why. In this X-Files-inspired series, a teenage girl goes on a trip with her rock star mom and tries to find a way to communicate with her dead father and ends up with ghosts, vampires, bigfoot, angels and all sorts of parents. If you want more than just the usual Disney Channel rentals, you don’t need to watch any more. You found it.

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Star Wars Clone Wars

The Clone Wars feature film, which also serves as a series pilot, is no good. The animated series has followed too much. Star Wars: Clone Wars, usually started as an action-adventure cartoon, quickly turned into something more complex: a thorough and concise test of the horrors of war in the Star Wars universe. Throughout the seven seasons, Clone Wars deepened and expanded both the Star Wars franchise in all sorts of unexpected ways. Better? The end isn’t really the end – the story continues in Clone Wars – also great follow-up to Star Wars Rebels.

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What’s left to say about Simpsons? Bert, Homer, Marge, Lisa and Maggie are not just cartoon characters. They are culture icons, not to mention the stars of the longest running sitcom in American history. Of course, at the moment, there are probably worse Simpson episodes than good ones, but that doesn’t matter. At Disney +, you can revisit the glory days of the 1st to 10th season as much as you want. Trust us. These will never grow old.

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Sweet Life of Jack and Cody

Before co-sprouting CW’s Sexy Archie Comics adaptation, Chewing the Scenes in Riverdale, he and his real brother Dylan played twin kids living at the fictional Tripton Hotel, where they created the scheme alongside classmates and hotel staff. Sweet Life was nominated for three Emmy, topped the list of the best Disney Channel series of all time, made both a movie and sequel series and helped young stars, including the Spruce Brothers, Ashley Tisdale and Brenda Song, launch their careers.

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Proud family

The proud family was doing a TV groundbreaking for the Disney Channel. Disney’s first animated show centered entirely on an African-American family, The Prod Family is a lovely, sometimes age-appropriate event followed by a penny persuaded to navigate in the early years of adolescence. It’s always easier to balance than family, friends, school, and teens alike, but Penny’s quarterly family doesn’t seem to have any impact on getting down to bigger hijackings than life.

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Marvel Comics X-Men

Wolverine and the X-Men (also available at Disney +) may be the best cartoons, but there’s still nothing like the X-Men: animated series. Funny Jim Lee design clothes. A strange, funny moment that has spread thousands of memes. X-Men: The animated series doesn’t hold up perfectly – if it were good in any case – it doesn’t matter. This Saturday morning the cartoon was the first acquaintance of the fans with Marvel’s merry mutants and it became the most popular among the characters. Nostalgia: This is strong stuff.

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Wild Chile

Be amazed at the beautiful wildlife of Chile when you are traveling on a virtual safari along with guide Renee Arneda and oceanographer writer Susannah Buchanan. Published in 2018, these miniseries include an episode that looks at the life of animals and plants on both land and sea and appeals to any nature and animal lover. For the United States, the series is being offered in eight parts.

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Disease Trip (2020)

After being injured in a roadside bombing while working as an Iraqi reporter, ABC News reporter Bob Woodruff built a new lease on life and became apprehensive instead of moving away from it. Part of his journey includes this national geographical series where he visits six regions with his son Mac that are known for conflict. While the pair travel to Colombia, Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Lebanon and Ukraine, visitors will not only learn about the regions and their culture and history, but also gain a touch of their sensitive bond.

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Muppets now

Muppets now Filmed as a series of shows, including game shows, cooking shows, and talk shows, it is a must-see for any fan of Muppet that combines iconic characters into an imperfect setting. Episodes will be published weekly and will feature celebrity guests. In the first episode, “Scheduled Date,” Kermit de Frog’s constant and frustrating setbacks have caused Rupel to have problems interviewing, while in another section, the Swedish chef appears on a baking show with disastrous, yet ridiculous, results. The first season will span six episodes.

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