15 Strange button commands in the game system

Yellow, hug, relaxation and swearing – what has this got to do with anything? These were all mapped with video game buttons.

Controllers nowadays have big buttons and as games become more complicated, it’s best to enjoy the simple pleasures of life by pressing buttons to shake the horse. The games have a few wild buttons that you can click and today we take a look at some weird, amazing actions that can be done by pressing special buttons on your controller or mapping to coordinators. Whether you’re ordering or throwing pants they seem to be an invisible move that we absolutely love.

While many of these activities are not purposeful, others are weird but are actually used in gameplay. Smoking in Vancouver may seem like a fun thing to do, but smoking cigarettes gives robots the strategy to fire in the wrong direction. Abandonment or storm swearing activities have a few specific games, on the other hand (like flying a bird in a particular game) are not really used.

Here are our favorite activities from 15 very wild games. What do we do here if a game doesn’t allow me to highlight the seasword with a special button?

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# 1: Dance (Alone in the dark)

Bloss: At the beginning of Alone in the Dark (2007) you will have a special button that is specially mapped to give a glimpse. When enemies pour poison on you, you have to throw garbage. Later, you’ll be able to “see” enemies with your eyes closed, just hold down the blink button.

# 2: Waste: (MGS5)

With your partner D-Horse, which is literally a horse in metal gear Solid 5, you can place an order. Why? It is kind of rude and it can be used to drive a car. Shake the po on the road and any entry jeep will disappear.

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# 3: Curse (Scarface / 50 cents: Blood on sand)

Like Scarface, 50 cents. Blood on Sand has a button that is used to shout naughty language. As a scarfface, you’ll even create a rage calculator, allowing you to fully explode and suffocate enemies with all the noisy noises.

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