13 reasons why season 4 Dylan Minette defended the “destructive choice”

Yet why be so upset about death at the end of 13 years? You are not alone.

Thousands of fans were devastated to see Justin Foley (Brandon Flynn) die on screen after he was diagnosed with HIV. However, it appears that some of the show’s stars maintained a complete “decision-making choice” for the character’s assassination – in particular, Flynn herself and co-star Dylan Minette (Clay Jensen).

Speaking about EW’s death, Minette said, “I think all asons you think Brandon and I especially hope it will be Justin, and we pressed it and we asked Brian why I think it should be?” Because he and I both felt it would have the most sensitive effect on the series centering on Justin’s entire arch. “

He added: “Of course it’s devastating and tragic and we know people would love to see him live, but I think it makes it stronger.

“Obviously this is the most unfortunate move for the show, but I think it’s appropriate to make that choice in the last episode, with the most devastating choice show.”

Mentioning that it was a “perfect bookmark” on the show, Minute added, “I think it was a chore to do, and as devastating as it is, I’m glad Brian decided to do it because it felt right. I wanted to do that, but I think we need to go there and stop the book. “

Although many fans were blown away by Justin’s emotional death, HIV charities criticized the twist. To write RadioTimes.comThe story is “less than the reality of the virus in 2020,” said Liam BT, a spokesman for the Terrence Higgins Trust.

Criticizing Justin’s quick-term diagnosis, he added: “Justin’s historical-historical stress can no longer be a positive diagnosis for most people from the reality of HIV. And, as a message for the young audience of the show. If they hear about HIV for the first time, it can be really damaging. “

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