/12 weird PlayStation features your consoles never knew

12 weird PlayStation features your consoles never knew

Sony unveiled the original PlayStation Path in 1994-1995 and it was an immediate success for the company. At the time, the PlayStation was the new console maker in the block, where Nintendo and Sega dominated. PlayStation 5 Recently the PlayStation is fully established, the PlayStation 5 has recently hit the store shelves.

There are five generations of PlayStation consoles and it doesn’t even include two portable devices – and today we’re celebrating that legacy by investigating the weird things these consoles can do. Some consoles may still turn off weird features that most of us haven’t used. And Sony throws us weird, poorly defined features – let’s take a look at the little things we PlayStation consoles can’t do.

Each PS3 can play PS1 games

Early adopters of the PS3 got a huge bonus feature that was quickly removed – the first PS3s could play PS2 games through emulation. Only a handful of backward compatible PS3s were made and they claim a higher price than eBay today. However, did you know that every PS3 can play PS1 games perfectly?

I had no idea. Even non-PS2 backwards compatible PS3s can play PS1 games. Just pop on a PS1 disk and it works exactly as you expected. You can save using a virtual memory card. Sony didn’t promote this feature at all – fans have known for years.

The PS4 controllers on the PC can mimic the mouse with the touchpad

One reason you can ask for a PS4 controller (or PS5) instead of an Xbox controller on a PC is that once the touchpad ad is connected to the PC, the touchpad can mimic a mouse – you can quickly mouse through the menus and even left-click or right-click. . If you are imitating old PC games but still want to use a controller, PS4 Pad is your best option.

The touchpad is rarely used for anything else on the PlayStation, you can get some use of it on the PC too, right?

You can delete trophy progress on PS4 and PS5

Who knew? It is entirely possible to delete trophy progress on PS4 – you simply cannot unlock any trophy. If you have a game on your console and no trophies are completely unlocked, you can permanently delete the offensive title from your system’s memory. If you unlock even a small trophy, it becomes impossible.

All this is the complete opposite in PS5. With Sony’s latest system, you can arbitrarily select or delete any trophy. You can delete individual trophies or trophies worth the whole game. If you are really embarrassed to play a certain game or want to clear your trophy list, then finally you feel free to do it.

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