/12 best hitman missions

12 best hitman missions

The quality of the Hitman game is directly proportional to the quality of its missions. This is a great hitman game if the missions are great. With Hitman 3 very close to the horizon, we have taken it upon ourselves to choose the best levels from the history of the whole series. We are digging through the heights and bottoms of the Hitman franchise to choose very good and memorable missions.

I’ve been a fan of Hitman since Hitman 2, when I begged for the game on my (very young) birthday. Now I’m too bad HitmaniacEach entrance has a place with Silent Assassin. Hitman’s magic is not just about loving open spaces and killing your targets. What makes these games special is how each mission solves the puzzle that it solves and comes up with the best possible solution to stop your prey.

The best levels of the Hitman game are like the Ruby Goldberg machines – in the living world where events happen like clockwork and Hastman’s job is to find the best possible moment of intervention – and then strike. These have created missions to make us feel Silent killer.

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# 12: A ghost is chasing (Hitman 2)

Chasing Ghost, Agent 47 drops into one of the most extensive and complex levels in the entire series – both a blessing and a curse. On the huge map of India there are rare, packed slum alleys and bright towers side by side and you have to penetrate both to finish the mission.

The most clever twist comes in the form of a mailstrom. The shadowy image has no unknown location or face – you need to follow the leads to the title of its protected location and see the slums in the air. You can really feel like a detective by figuring out which of the most appearance-likes is your real goal.

Then there’s the story of the extraordinarily creative mission. One helps you set three goals for you! Then there are the incredibly creative little touches; For example, you can signal your goals to trigger special events by planting dyes of different colors on a machine. There are so many details on this one level, we can not only help but put it on the list.

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# 11: Beldingford Manor (Hitman 3: Contract)

One of my favorite missions for aesthetics alone, the Baldingford Manor Agent keeps the 47-year-old mansion full with classicist drawingrooms and stone walls. Great for exploring English gardens at night and discovering the countless crisis-crossing hidden passages in the building makes you feel like a real-life clue-killing mystery.

There are multiple ways to get your goal out while he’s asleep – and any chance of playing Agent 47’s Butler is a pretty good time. Poisoning Brandy in the basement or tempting and shooting shots outside the hunting party while everyone is confused – these are a great level of features. I just like to be able to fully explore the grounds and mansions. Any time you will be given so much freedom, I know it’s going to be a great level.

And it appears that this level may become completely obsolete in Hitman 3 There is a new English mansion here with the story of a true murder mystery mission! I may need to modify my list.

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