/100% carbon neutral supply chain by 2030, Apple says

100% carbon neutral supply chain by 2030, Apple says

Apple’s own operations have been 100% carbon neutral for more than two years and have received a United Nations award for it, but the company today made a bold promise to make its entire supply chain a reality by 2030. The company is promoting it on its homepage. Planet-sized plan ‘.

Apple began work to green its supply-chain in 2015, and VP Lisa Jackson provided an update last year.

The company says its commitment is to increase the use of recyclable materials and recycle discarded products so that carbon neutrality applies to the entire life cycle of all Apple products …

Apple kept a 10-year roadmap.

Apple today unveiled plans to be carbon neutral across its entire business, production supply chain and product lifecycle by 2030. The company is already carbon neutral today for global corporate management and this new commitment means every Apple device sold by 2030 will have zero climate impact.

Apple’s 10-year roadmap will reduce emissions with a series of innovative activities:

Low Carbon Product Design: Apple will increase the use of low carbon and recyclable materials in its products, innovate product recycling and drive design products as powerful as possible. […]

Enhancing energy efficiency: Apple will identify new ways to reduce energy consumption at its corporate facilities and help transform its supply chain […]

Renewable energy: Apple will be 100 percent renewable energy for its operations – focusing on creating new projects and moving the entire supply chain to clean electricity […]

Process and component innovation: Apple will tackle emissions through technological advances in the processes and materials needed for its products. […]

Carbon removal: Apple is investing in forests and other nature-based solutions around the world to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

The iPhone makers provide precise details for each of these, mentioning what they have achieved so far on the environmental front and what they have planned. For example, for low carbon product design:

  • Apple’s latest reusable invention – a robot company called “Dave” – ​​could disconnect the Taptic engine from the iPhone to enable the recovery of rare earth magnets and tungsten as well as steel, the next step in Daisy’s line being the iPhone.
  • The company’s Material Recovery Lab in Austin, Texas, which focuses on innovative electronic recycling technology, is now partnering with Carnegie Mellon University to further develop engineering solutions.
  • All iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch devices released last year are made with recyclable materials, including 100 percent recyclable rare earth components from the iPhone Taptic Engine – the first for Apple and any smartphone.
  • Apple has reduced its carbon footprint to 4.3 million metric tons in 2019 by designing and inventing recyclable materials in its products. In the last 11 years, Apple has reduced the average power required for product use by 73 percent.

The company acknowledges that carbon removal programs will form part of how it will become 100% carbon neutral, which is not the case in the first place, but it is still a huge promise – and Apple will inspire others.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said, “There is a deep opportunity to help businesses build a more sustainable future, which is the birth of our common concern for our shared planet. “Innovations to strengthen our ecological journey are not only good for the planet – they have helped make our products more efficient and bring new sources of clean energy online around the world. Climate action can be the foundation of a new era of innovative possibilities, job creation and sustainable economic development. With our commitment to carbon neutrality we hope to become a turbulent pond that will bring much greater change.

There are links to detailed plans for the organization’s environment microsite. It has been promoted with a powerful new video below.

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