10 video game franchises we can’t believe haven’t rebooted yet

While many video game franchises receive practically new installments each year, we can’t help but look back at some forgotten IPs. We have a lot of great video game franchises that we would like to see back in today’s latest consoles but for whatever reason, they have been hampered by IP owners.

We have listed ten franchises that we hope will be given a suitable reboot or a new installment in the near future. However, of course we can add much more to this list. As a result, be sure to bookmark this page as we continue to add more franchises and updates. Leave a comment below to let us know what video game franchises we expect to return in the future.

Kane’s # 10 legacy

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The Legacy of Kane series has been around for a long time, now with the introduction of Blood Woman: It could begin in 1999. It’s a series about a vampire hero who is looking for a way to restore order in his world. The last five major video games were released, including the latest Legacy of Kane: Defense, a title for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC platforms in 2003.

In general, all games, including the franchise controlled by Square Enix, have received positive reviews. We haven’t seen any new installments. Now fans are requesting a new installment or reboot for the franchise and it seems the developers may be interested in working with the franchisee.

Over the past few years, there have been statements in the past that the developers of Crystal Dynamics kept an eye on the old franchises and spread the idea of ​​how to bring them back to today’s market. Unfortunately Can’s legacy has yet to get its turn but we hope the franchise will return in the near future.

# 9 Silent Hill

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Silent Hill was the biggest surviving horror franchise year after year. The nickname was started by an internal team during the first PlayStation called Team Silent. After the game was released and received an incredibly positive reception, the group was able to continue delivering three more original line installments. Everyone was highly anticipated and acclaimed, but Konami decided to break up the team and provide IP to other Western development studios.

If you’re familiar with franchise, you probably know that subsequent installments weren’t so popular. It was clear that the games lost a deep-detailed and passion that really allowed the franchise to burn. With that said, things started to improve further as Kanami gave Hideo Kozima, the developer of their famous reputation, to work on an installment called Silent Hills to bring back the franchise.

We only got a demo of the game that fans are still enjoying, but the project was eventually canceled after Hideo Kozima decided to leave Konami. This has caused a ton of annoyance in the fan base community, but now rumors are spreading even after a few years and the notion that we are not fully done with Silent Hill refers to the latest rumor that Sony will bring a reboot for PlayStation 5, although at the time of writing, we actually We are unsure whether that will happen. Nevertheless, for the next decade after the release of the original Silent Hill title, a well-known studio in Konami should be understood to allow this franchise to move further towards the modern platform.

# 8 Curved metal

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The shattered metal exploded when it hit the market in 1999 as a vehicle-war video game. Several unique and ridiculous characters were given to control the players and thrown on a map where the goal was to destroy the opposing players. It’s a top-notch defeat derby using guns, mines and other unique upgrades to toss opponents. Several video game installments have been released for this franchise since its first debut with the latest 2012 reboot for the original PlayStation.

While this doesn’t seem like a much-desired video game franchise, no progress has been made for a new installment. That being said, it looks like any television series is actually in production. Perhaps the reception for the television series will be eager to return to the development of new games, but only time will tell.

# 7 Pokemon Snap

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There is no place around the Pokemon franchise. It has been a hit since the 1990s. Both veteran followers and newcomers are either interested in tunes in the animated kids series or picking up different titles for the video games that are coming to market. We’ve officially seen lots of Pokemon games with some spin-offs, some spin-offs and some more spin-off games that are Pokemon Snap.

In the game, the players were a photographer who was assigned by Professor Oak to help capture some great nature images with various Pokemon features in their natural habitat. By controlling a camera device, players are able to freely zoom in on the camera almost seamlessly and snap some photos. There were also some accessories that you could toss in hopes of attracting the attention of certain Pokemon characters.

Despite its popularity, we never got a sequel to the game. Instead, Pokemon Snap has become an exclusive Nintendo 64. It was a bit interesting to watch because both the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo Switch can do a great job of simulating a camera and spreading images.

Say # 6

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Rockstar is best known for its highly controversial Grand Theft audio video game franchise. This has been going on for almost a year and each new installment rushes to retailers to secure media attention and gamers ’copy. However, back in 2006, we got a new IP called Bully. The video game was set in the same Grand Theft Auto universe, but the game’s setting was Bullworth Academy instead of Hard Life City. The players play a child named Jamie Hopkins, also known as Jimmy.

Jimmy Bullworth, left of the academy, was forced by his parents to conduct various social classes at the academy. From jokes, cheerleaders, preparation and bullying, life in this private school is certainly not easy. Since its release, the game has received several positive reviews, although the game and its setting have been the subject of much controversy in the media. Still, there is a strong follow-up to the title with fans hoping a sequel will be released to the market.

The release of video games after Rockstar Games has certainly slowed down since the launch of Grand Theft Auto V, perhaps we will finally see a new entry in the reboot or bully series. It has been harassed in the past, although no officials have come forward. One thing is for sure, if Rockstar wants to pick the IP again, it is a ton of players interested in buying the game.

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