10 times the main character is bad Best Hero Hill-Turn Battles

Sometimes good boys are not so good. Sometimes the bad of them breaks down and it’s up to you to keep them down. Celebrating Our End: In celebration of Part 2, we’re counting all the games (and sequels) where your playable character becomes your enemy – it’s not just a matter of making a bad choice or following a bad path in the story line, it’s a matter of the title. Where it is your job to put an end to the characters who were previously worthy of the game.

Often, this kind of thing happens in sequels. Sometimes, you’ll like to get head-to-head in a cooperative game, and other times your future characters will cross paths with an old hero. Whatever it is, you will fight the former good boys. This is a great way to generate a bottle load of drama; No one wants to kill characters we grew up loving! But these cruel game designers just like to see our turmoil.

Something is going to happen In the guise of a huge story Forward – so stop here to avoid. I’m starting with the largest of the bunch, the last of us: Part 2 you It’s all old stuff.

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Eli became the boss (Our end: Part II)

For those who follow the ragging rhetoric around The Last of Ass: Part 2, you already know the game’s first big spoiler – Eli is not the only playable character in the game. . For most of the game, Eli hunts wolves; A militant gang of survivors is embroiled in the explosive wreckage of Seattle. Until the end, you will swap sides and face Eli.

Yes, Eli fights the boss. He uses all the previous tactics of the player against you He is the toughest director of this game. If he doesn’t pay attention he will bomb the trap, hide around and cut off your base. He is an intense assassin and for just a moment you may think that ugli is spending the last 10 hours slaughtering ug

You can watch the whole boss fight here.

Alex Mercer must die (Prototype 2)

The protagonist of the original prototype is Alex Mercer, a common man infected with a strange virus that allows him to transform into a blood-burning form, suck people and slaughter civilians by boat. Exactly how the game is played! But people like me keep thinking – what kind of evil is Alex Mercer? In fact, he was never presented as a bad person. His methods were never questioned. He was a good man.

The developers must agree with me on all the bad things, because you play as an infected marine in Prototype 2 because Alex Mercer, one of the regular soldiers turned into a blood mist, you can get the right revenge through the end. Returning to Manhattan Island you will face a completely transformed and completely insane Alex Mercer. This is a great bit of catharsis which showed that the developers are smart enough to comment on their own gameplay decisions.

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