10 scary moments in games that are not scary

Sometimes even the most family-friendly games can amaze us and present something terribly incredible. As kids, we had some pretty fun things in our games and today we’ll talk about those awesome moments that we’ll never forget that games aren’t absolutely spooky.

Horror-themed RPGs like Violent Action Games or Dark Souls don’t apply here, this list is about games that hit us with something terrifying that we weren’t prepared for. The 10 scary moments of the games are not (usually) scary here.

And endless moments we can’t fit into this list. From exploring the haunted house of Gone Home to jumping from Batman to Man-Bat: Arkham Knight. We’ve tried to come up with entries ranging from the most amazing games possible – intelligent platforms, adventurous action games and anything beautiful and great if this seems like a game that is for all ages but you are both right and wrong. Sometimes the rare stuff gore is not needed and the annoying moments of this spine prove it.

Stuck at home? Here is a list of GameRex:

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# 1 Big Boy’s Hunt Piano (Mario 64)

Big Boo’s Hunt is the drunken level of a Mario game – its stable, predictable environment that screams “get out” even with the N64’s crude graphics. When you enter the palace you will be greeted with ghosts and lots of rotten wood. Nothing too scary in the beginning othing yet it is your standard spooky mario level which has been enhanced somewhat by the 3D interior.

I had no idea what would happen to every kid I included. In the parlor, you will find an interesting detail – a full piano! We all came very close, and were terrified to see us. The piano suddenly came alive, the splash lined with razor sharp teeth. This is one of the scariest aspects of childhood gaming and a cruel tactic to pull towards Nintendo. And it’s not the only game on our list after the N64 era! Nintendo was then trying to hit us in the back.

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# 2 Deepnest (Empty night)

Empty Night is a “dark” game on our list – because it’s literally black and white. The art style is great and monotonous, but you’ll see lots of cute bugs on your trip. This is not a horror game and most of the threats you see among your critics are not. All in all the first aspect of Empty Night is a bit drunk, but nothing gives the little ones any problems.

All the problems remain deep. After reaching the bottom of this Metrodovinia you will have to enter the poisonous, horrible cave of the Deepnest. Lined with strange new enemies and bathed in darkness, every inch of this place is a pressurized maze. You have to carefully swallow through the seemingly endless series of short passages filled with total new enemies. Being an adult is a desperate experience for you and the creepiest part of any game that can play perfectly. E10 + + Audience.

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